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Dental Pain after Filling

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I had a filling done Friday morning - I had not experienced any pain except for a few days, weeks ago - after some tootsie rolls. I've been in excruciating pain all weekend. I've taken aleve, ibuprofen, Abesol 4x a day, and have found some vicoden from surgery last fall that I've been cutting in half and taking. I can't seem to sleep, food not all that appealing to me, little sensitive to cold, no rubbing on other teeth. Nothing really seems to help - any thoughts?
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Agree with the dentist.

I am reading it that you had the tootsie roll BEFORE you had the filling put in........if so, that wouldn't have done anything, except aggravate the cavity, you had at that time.

Depending on where it was.........and how deep they had to could be sensitive for awhile. But still, I would check on it.
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