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Dental Pain after Filling

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I had a filling done Friday morning - I had not experienced any pain except for a few days, weeks ago - after some tootsie rolls. I've been in excruciating pain all weekend. I've taken aleve, ibuprofen, Abesol 4x a day, and have found some vicoden from surgery last fall that I've been cutting in half and taking. I can't seem to sleep, food not all that appealing to me, little sensitive to cold, no rubbing on other teeth. Nothing really seems to help - any thoughts?
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One of the things that can cause this type of pain is if the filling is a little high - they pull that little strip of paper to make sure that the teeth are not rubbing, but sometimes you hold your jaw a bit differently and they don't catch that a bit of the filling is high. The dentist can usually fix that really quickly. My dentist will have me come in on an emergency basis when this happens and check for it - or for any other possible cause, of course - if it's the filling, it just need to be ground down a little bit, and then usually you are good to go. Will take another day or so for it all to subside.
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