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dental services source for pricing ?

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Does anyone know a good source for current pricing in dental/medical procedures like this? the "code" they gave me is 4341 for Perio Scaling and Root planing, the quote is 425.00 per quadrant (i.e. times 4 or 1800.00 for whole mouth).

I'm mostly curious to know if the 25% discount I get is real or not. I have a dental policy thru COMPBENEFITS. I understand it's not actual insurance, but just a discount program I'm paying for. It's the best I can do, but I wonder if it's real? or do the practitioners just give you a inflated "rate schedule"? Sorry for being cynical, but I'd really like to know :)

I should mention costs i paid today before discount:
full set of dental xrays (this isn't just bitewings) $105
consultation with Periodontist $125
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Thank you NikoSan! Good ideas. But I never fail to get caught in little fibs like that. They'll ask me where I went to school and if I had Mr. so and so for and instructor, blah blah. I'm not quick in that department, so I just don't go there :).

Oddly enough I actually got feedback on Yahoo Answers. Someone from the MIDWEST said they had a recent quote on exactly the same procedure for < half the price. That got me digging. I called my old periodontist (who doesn't take my discount policy) and asked them for their standard rate per quandrant. They said $290.00 is their book price, but there can be some factors that change that. I do have all my wisdom teeth, i can understand how that could make a difference, but still $425 vs $290 ?

I also found a (new) website who gave an average cost for my area. Yes, They are trying to sell a "discount" dental policy, but they gave local dental offices who accept them. I called one and had good feedback from staff there. I learned some regular dentist have hygenists who are qualified and can perform this procedure. i.e. you don't have to see a periodontist. Big difference in price.

Enough details for now. If anyone want's more info, post here and ask. I'll share :)
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