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Dh's sweater is finished!

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All I have left to do is the tedious weaving in of the ends. I'm bad & don't do it as I go along lol.

Sorry for the bad pictures. I'll post better ones w/ dh modeling it tonight:

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That looks very nice! I like the color too. I like the cable work. I taught myself to cable a year ago and haven't used it yet, except to make a swatch, but was very surprised at how easy it is to do.
Very nice I wish I could knit like that:bowing:
Heather that's awesome! I love the color.
great job. i am in awe of your work.
You've got a lot of talent. I'm so envious. I know you are glad to have it done. That is a great color and stitch!
Heather, it's beautiful! You did a great job! Want to see pics of hubby in it!
I posted pics of dh modeling it in the Gallery (Craft section). He was trying not to look like a dork and only succeeded in...looking like a dork lol.

I also posted a better close-up of the cables.

Thanks y'all :)
WOW!!!! What a beautiful sweater.. I'm sooooo jealous your so talented.
And the color is a beautiful choice.

LAurie in BRadenton
It's beautiful! :clap:
You ladies with your knitting sewing & quilting just blow me away.
Wow! I love it! I wish I had some of your talent :)
Tell your hubby he looked really cute in his sweater!! You did a great job!
Beautiful work Heather. :)
The sweater looks perfect for your hubby. How does he like it? Now I really want to make a sweater.
That's really beautiful. Great work!
~So gorgeous!How long have you been knitting?~
Thanks! I started teaching myself about 3 years ago :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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