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Did I make the right decision?

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So 2 years ago my washer and dryer died. Both died almost the same time, the washer limped along for a few weeks and then the dryer just said the heck with it. I managed to find a scratch and dent HE washer at Lowes for $275 and purchased that (greedily).

I really liked my old Alvacado green dryer as it was the first adult purchase I had ever made, so when I saw one for $25 at the Habitat store I bought it. Fast forward 2 years and the timer went out on it. I found a new timer online for $80 and have ordered that.

Back when I purchased the first one, my BF had a truck so I could easily get it home, I no longer have BF, so I no longer have access to a truck. If I didn't fix my old one I would have to buy another one and even if I managed to find another $25 one, I would still have to rent a truck for at least $50 to get it home.

I looked at new ones and I can't justify spending the money on the ones that I like, and the others are no better than the old one I have. They do come with free delivery though.

What would you have done? Purchased a new one or fixed the old one?
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I would have fixed the old one.

If I have any appliance problems now, I just call up the DIL.
She works at a used appliance store with her Dad. She also does service
calls and can get parts new or sometimes used.
In the past, I used to fix my appliances myself if I could.
I think you did the right thing for many reasons.

1. You like what you have. It dries clothes. It was just a timer repair, not a coil or a more serious repair.
2. It's better for the environment
3. Seems like the most affordable option.

I would have done the same thing.
I would have fixed the timer as well....

then find a friend with a truck for future necessities. ;)
Unless you have reason to believe that you're going to have to replace the entire thing in the next couple of years, you made the right choice.

The last times I bought appiances, they charged extra for delivery.

I do not always have access to a truck as well. I keep the number of a guy who will provide that service for a nominal fee. Found him on craigslist. With so many people out of work, there are a lot of people who are willing to do that kind of thing and undercut the stores.
Thanks all for the reassurance!!
I would have fixed it. In fact, I have replaced the timer on a dryer.
I'd have fixed it or tried to first as well.

Sometimes the cost of delivery is worth it in the long run - as in if thats how you have to get your appliance(s) to your home so you can continue to function frugally, its worth it. (ie no driving to a laundromat) As in if its a hassle to ask your friend(s) with a truck to help out: they said yes to helping but you're having a hard time nailing down a date/time to actually do the deed.

One trick - sometimes its cheaper to rent the Home Depot/Lowe's truck for an hour to do your moving then paying the delivery fee. But thats only good if you have the know how/tools/muscle to do the moving/lifting.
I would fix ANY old appliance.......if you could reasonably do so......the news ones are made much cheaper and probably won't last as long.

If you buy NEW from Sears they will often offer free delivery. Have never paid when I purchased there.........sometimes it is a rebate thing though.

I have ONE used appl. store close to my house........and they have delivered free ONCE........but it is like three blocks........and when they thought they were going to lose the sale they said they would do it.

If you are close to the place ALWAYS ask about delivery........and then act like you are TOTALLY SHOCKED when they say ANY AMT.............then let them know just how close you are!!! Worth a try................
I would have fixed the old one or rather DH would have for sure!
The old one is probably a lot better than the new ones they make. My DH said that a lot of the new ones have plastic parts and are just throw away. He always tries to patch whatever is broken around here.
I would have fixed it. In fact, I have replaced the timer on a dryer.
Same here.
Emotional attachments to the appliance notwithstanding, repairing the old one was prudent and frugal. Such a good idea, in fact, that you owe yourself a little treat as a reward.
I would have fixed it also. I have found some of the new appliances are not as good or well made compared to the older ones. We kept a stove, dryer and washer until we could no longer get parts.
I probably would have bought a dial timer at the dollar store and used that. 80 bucks for a timer???? good grief.
I probably would have bought a dial timer at the dollar store and used that. 80 bucks for a timer???? good grief.
Trust me I thought through every easy fix I could!!

Actually the timer just doesn't time, but it also controls the heat and the drum running. Without the timer the dryer will heat too high or too low and the drum won't run properly.

It's called a timer, but does a great deal more.
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