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Disney rewards points

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25 points

I wonder if we couldn't get a sticky for these points and then I could just add them instead of starting a new thread?

Disney Movie Rewards
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Get 25 FREE Disney Movie Rewards Points when you enter the code D23. This code is good for a limited time. US only.
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V7NK93DQ5Y = 5 pts

There is this thing going on with facebook right now also, I haven't looked into it yet but something about linking your facebook page to disney and you will get 25pt, will go look into that now. If you find anything on that, please post.
We've launched a Disney Movie Rewards Facebook App that allows you to access your homepage through Facebook and share your Disney Movie Rewards activities, wishlist and more with your friends! For helping us test it out, you'll get 25 Bonus Points upon connecting. Be sure to let us know what you think so we can make it even better! (For those of you that don't like Facebook Applications, no need to worry-- NOTHING is changing on our regular Facebook page)

***The easiest way to do this is go to the regular disney rewards page and click on the facebook "F" on the right side of the page (I was already signed into fb on another screen) and it all went through in one click and my 25 points were added instantly.
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50 Free Disney Movie Rewards Points
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5 Disney Movie Rewards Points when you enter the code JFYE759YKGH
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1: 25docnfi84ds
2-4: 25doc83nf8ah
5: 25docfnc9dna
6: 25doc56fbx71
7: 25docvbzq987
8: 25doc846dbd9
9-11: 25doc89dsdjd
12: 25doc3263jde
13: 25doc8dfdkft
14: 25doc7fgd6ab
15: 25doc9qfjafp
16-18: 25doc93hfdkq
19: 25doc83ealdj
20: 25docdksaf8s
21: 25doclkdajfe
22: 25docekjfakx
23-25: 25docfjkarjf

They end quickly so some may not be live
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Well the 5th worked for 5 points, may have to wait until noon everyday to enter the others, but I saw that's when the previous days are no longer valid?
50 Free Disney Movie Rewards Points

enter the code HPNY17635JDT. Code is good through 1/15/12.
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LKFJDAL838O - 5 points
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50 Free Disney Movie Rewards Points

I’m not sure when these code expire.

10 free Disney movie rewards points by entering Percy.
Get 25 FREE Disney Movie Rewards points when you enter the code MILLION. I’m not sure when this code will expire.
5 points for the following:

5 points
10 points
enter codes: 5 points each

10 Free Disney Movie Rewards points

enter code: BEARS
50 Disney Movie Rewards Points

code: DMRTYU
Disney movie rewards DMR 75 point codecode : DMR2MIL
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21 - 40 of 60 Posts
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