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As some of you know, my mother died in January of this year. In the process of going through her belongings, my sister and I have inherited some wonderful things that we would like to display but don't know how. The items are below:

(1) Handmade quilts, including one by a great-great-grandmother

(2) Some hand tatting. We don't know how old it is or its history. I received some as a wedding present that I would like to display also.

(3) Paper dolls, including an original Shirley Temple. They have all been played with so are in fair condition. We also have clothes, both purchased and hand-made by my Mom. I would say these are around 50-65 years old. (Mom used paper that had writing on one side but plain on the other to create her own paper doll clothes, which she drew, colored, then cut out.)

All of these are beautiful items that I would hate to leave boxed up. Do you have any suggestions on how we can display them, hopefully frugally? These are important to us for the sentimental value, although some may have monetary value also.

I may post this question at several other sites where I am a member.

Thanks so much for your help. TIA

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