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I'm sure someone has posted this idea before, but I have visual aids! :teach:

Cats love cat grass and it's expensive to buy those little kits from pet stores. :kitty:

All you need is a small pot, some dirt, and some seed. You can buy wheat berries inexpensively in bulk at food co-ops. Rye and oat seed are also suitable. The main thing is to make sure the seeds have not been treated and are graded food-safe. Sprinkle them very close together in a single layer in a small pot that will fit on a windowsill, cover with 1/8"-1/4" of soil, and keep moist. They will germinate easily and grow FAST. Here is a pot I grew for our vet's cats after only nine days.

If you'd like your kitties to constantly have greens, start a new pot every couple of weeks. They will destroy the plants which is okay, so keep the new plants out of reach till they're 2-3 inches tall.

We have several pots in various places around the house for our five cats, and they all think it's a great treat.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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