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Do you control technology or does technology control you?

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In my quest to lead a simpler, more frugal life I have been contemplating technologies role. I consider myself a "Semi Luddite" and feel that SOME technology is good but, too much of a good thing is not. Curious, but do you find that you are one of these people that have to have the latest and greatest gadgets AND when you have gotten it, did it really ENRICH your life or were you sorry after the fact OR are you someone who likes to stick with the old "tried and true" no matter HOW many centuries it takes you back (do you pay bills online or by check? do you have all the helpful kitchen gadgets or grandmas old utensils? do you have dial up or high speed internet? land line and/or cell phone? watch TV or watch TV on the internet?) Technology has many good aspects, but with concerns of privacy (or lack there of) spams, hacking etc how much technology have you ALLOWED to enter your life or have the pretty lights and sounds put you under its spell?
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I do not go out and buy the latest and greatest in technology. One, I can't afford it and two, I can't afford it. That being said, some items really do not interest me. I am not into gaming, but do enjoy the games where you are active such as playing tennis. There are times I think I would like to be able to access for things on the internet then what my tracfone can currently provide. For me though having a computer that has a faster speed than dial-up was definately worth the price.
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