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Does anyone cut back on makeup or not wear any to save money?

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Is it worth it? I work in an office and feel like I should wear makeup yet when I do purchase makeup (from the drugstore and usually pretty cheap) i feel like I am wasting money
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Lori, thank you for bringing up this subject....I was just thinking of this subject today. I quit wearing makeup about 3 weeks ago, just about the time I was freaking out about money issues.

I used to buy the BEST make up (Bare Escenuals) and so forth, but now I feel like I won' be able to replenish it when it runs out or expires. I do look and feel better about myself with makeup on though, so I'll go back to it.

It does shave off some time in the mornings, especially if I'm running behind, but I have to just quit being lazy about it.

1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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