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Does decorating your home come easy to you?

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I've been looking at all these neat ideas that Carolyn has posted and some of these websites and I drool over decorating magazines and yet I find it so hard to decorate like I want.

Its not something that comes easy for me and I wonder if it comes naturally for others or do you struggle with it too.

If you do struggle, where do you finally get your inspiration from? Do you use websites, magazines or not bother?
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I Love to decorate and I can't wait to we have a budget to where I can get what I truly would love in our own home.... some day, some day.

With colors on the wall (we rent... I hate white walls!) Stuff like this not necessarily expensive stuff because I believe that you can find by looking around good prices and know what you're willing to pay for what you love, kwim?

hmm, I think we'd be happier if I did decorate here a bit more but since we don't like it here I don't really want too because well so many reasons. lol, that probably sounds bad but if I were in our own home I would be completely different than I am now. some day.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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