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Does your area have help for back to school supplies and clothes?

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I was wondering what it was like in other places.

I live in a low income area more that 50% of students on free or reduced lunch.Here needy parents can get help with back to school supplies and back to school clothing.

Salvation Army gives elementary students that qualify a free new backpack filled with the school supplies needed for their particular grade and school. They also give out clothing vouchers to buy clothing.

Middle and high school students are given a voucher to buy a pair of athletic type shoes as well as basic school supplies and underwear.

There is also a few churches that do something special for parents and students like provide two complete outfits for each needy child some new clothing and some gently used ( including a brand new pack of underwear and a new pack of socks) for free

Other churches as big garage sales with very cheap prices like 25 cents about this time mainly clothing for students.

So parents could get much of what is needed for free.

What is available in your area?
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My work, my church, and various other entities in the area all have drives for supplies. I believe the thrift stores help with clothing to some. I don't know of anything with the lunches, but there may be a program in place.

My neighbor works for a school, and they sell gift cards to several different places. Those places then, in turn, donate money back to the school. I got one to the grocery store, so I fill up the gift card, and then buy groceries. It's only an extra step or two for me, and it provides money to the school. It looks like some of that money is being used to house international students.
There is a federal program school lunches that give reduced or free school lunches at school based on family income. Schools are also given extra education money based on the % of students that qualify for free or reduced lunches

Were I live other places also use this criteria for other things like discount or free sports or classes at our local recreation center like the YMCA but not related to them
I wish I knew because I would like to donate some. We have a back to school thing going on here at one of the bases and they're handing out free school supplies to military families. I thought about grabbing some but we normally don't take the school supply handouts they have during this time of year. On the one hand, I think things are probably meant more for lower ranking families that could really benefit from it, but on the other hand, hey, free stuff!
We normally hear about these things my word of mouth, the local newspaper, and information the schools give out.
One must keep in mind salvation army and salvation army thrift store are not the same thing

The SA thrift store is a fund raiser for the salvation army.

In my town when the salvation army give backs to school clothing vouchers they are redeemable at walmart one of the only places in town to buy clothing shoes and underwear. The funds that provide for this are not SA kettle or thrift store funds but a fund set up for that purpose and carried out by our local Salvation army
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