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I built one of those pulley racks for our covered front porch and have used it a lot. I'm already trying to figure out how to make one work on the new covered deck in town. The one I have needs to be rebuilt because I used 2x2s that warped. Next time I will use PVC pipe.

I'm also planning one of these for the new laundry room. Should be easy to make and I won't have to give up a cabinet for it.

I ran across this closet idea for over steps. It would work well for a small space.

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Been occupied with work, weather, people...ugh.
But tomorrow is SOLSTICE!!! YAY!!!! I love solstice. It is going to be COLD COLD COLD but I've got wood for the stove and lots of warm clothes. Bit worried about the chickens. I will be taking them warmish water as often as possible and giving them warm mush (chicken feed soaked in water and heated's gross but they love it) with cayenne in it to ramp up their little metabolisms.

We've got snow and it is gorgeous. Work is giving us Dec 23-Jan 3 off (paid as usual though). some friends are out of town and I will be babysitting their rescue squirrels (which I find ridiculous but they love it and I get to use their house/shower/kitchen). The squirrels are in an outside facility but need feed and water daily. And my hair hasn't had a proper wash since november or maybe october! Access to a shower NOT at the gym will be awesome.

I also found an AWESOME SLED! I'd been reduced to stupid plastic ones that are not built for the weight and abuse I visit upon them, while I hunted for a steel "saucer" type sled. About a week ago I was in the local hardware and there they the holy grail of sleds. METAL saucer sleds. 40$, but I've been spending 15$ a year on crap plastic sleds that do not work. I also have a mouth guard so I don't bust my implants/crowns/remaining-actual-teeth while pretending I'm 50 years younger than I am.
I'm making myself finish a few year end reports before I sled. Partly as motivation and partly incase I end up in the hospital with a broken hip.
481 - 483 of 483 Posts