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Hi everyone,

We have enabled a donation system for Frugal Village.
We have seen some performance issues lately on the server and speaking with my host they indicated that I would need a dedicated server for frugalvillage. All our sites are on a dedicated server already, but FV has grown and requires its own dedicated server separate from the rest of our sites.

In the past, we were able to subsidize part of the costs of the website via personal funding of our own. With my recent job loss I will be unable to do this in the near future. In order to maintain the website up and running, I need to move the site to a new server.

The goal is to reach $6000. This will allow us to pay for a dedicated server for 1 year. The cost is roughly $400/Month total.
The extra money is to make some improvements to the website and adding some functionality to it.

Thank you to everyone that has donated! We are working on optimizing things and ensuring that your experience to FV is always a positive one.

If you can't help with money, you can help by being active on the forums, commenting to Sara's blog and sharing with others thoughts, feelings, opinions and we can all grow together!

Also another great way to help us would be to get Sara's daily column in your local newspaper.
Write to your local newspaper or national newspaper and request to have the column Frugal Living, By Sara Noel. It's syndicated by United Media.

Send us a PM that you requested it!

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I know it takes alot to run this site and upgrade, glad to help support Frugal Village. Thanks for all the time, money, heart & soul you put in to FV Sara & Gabe.
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