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Don't buy Pepsi to win billion

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I just read the rules for the billion$ sweepstakes Pepsi has going on this summer.
If I have this right (and I think I do) you get a # on your cap or case or product. Then you have to enter that in on the web site or mail it in. Then if your # is picked you get on a show and you pick a 6 didget # and they generate a number if your close you get a million and if you get the # exacly correct in order just how it cames out then you win the billion. So if your cap # is picked then you go to Orlando to the "event" live tv they say. Then it is a lottery. Some one will win the million, the closest # but only the exact # will win the billion, so that (odds are) will not even be given away.

So if you were gonna up your Pepsi to win, don't, but if you drink it now (like me) go ahead and enter you might win a million anyway.
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I like Coke better anyway.:D
I did that a few years ago. When they first started the points. We got a lot of neat things. I got a towel, a set of sports balls, and something else but I can't think of it. I drank enough Pepsi that year to float away. I have always liked Coke better anyway. I just wish that Coke would do something cause that way I would be able to get lots of neat stuff since we drink so much of it.:D
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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