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Most of us have them, those movies we'll always watch, no matter how many times we've already seen them.

We love a good disaster. Even a bad disaster. So our must-see movies include:

Dante's Peak
Independence Day

Broken Arrow is also a must-see movie for us.

A new favorite is Unstoppable.

What's on your must-see movie list?

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i'm on a jane austen kick

both versions of persuasion.
all 4 versions of sense and sensibility. i prefer emma thompson and the most recent BBC andrew davies 4 hour version that was quite true to the book.
colin firth's version of pride and prejudice. throw the kiera nightly version in the trash can.

paltrow's emma
miss austen regrets

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~I'm a classic movie girl, preferably adventure/swashbucklers and musicals. The charm and magic of the old stuff is rarely found in our times. Just some of my favorites off the top of my head:
*The Quiet Man
*Arsenic and Old Lace
*Gone with the Wind
*Singing in the Rain
*Swing Time
*African Queen
*The Great Escape
*Stalag 17
*How to Steal a Million
*It's a Wonderful Life
*20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
*The Crimson Pirate
*The Sound of Music
~West Side Story
~Help(the Beatles)

And some modern stuff I feel has classic qualities:
~Lord of the Rings
~The Princess Bride
~Fried Green Tomatoes
~Monty Python and the Holy Grail
~Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of the Black Pearl
~A&E's Pride and Prejudice

I am so not a disaster movie person. I have watched about 10 of them but only ever get so far as the first wave of panic before I can't take any more. When the water starts rising or the building is in flames I will not watch anymore.
I made it through the plane crash disaster in "Cast Away" only because it was in the first 20 minutes of the movie and I knew going into it that he would be alright or there would be no movie after the crash. :crackup:
I want my movies to make me happy and laugh, not make me anxious. ~

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We're kids at heart.
Our list includes
Surf's up
Kung fu panda (sequel coming out on dvd soon)
The lion king
Horton hears a who
The whole "griswald's vacation" series

Our grown up faves include
The Bourne trilogy
The Die hard series( so old school!)

And though dh disagrees with me on that one: pretty in pink and the breakfast club.

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I love all kinds of movies
Love me some zombies
Love old movies also\Arsenic and old lace is the funniest movie I have seen
Something about Mary
50 first dates
Beautiful Mind
Forrest Gump
Lion King
Lord Of the Rings
Any movie about animals love me some Bengi just makes a bad day better
Any Quinton Tarrentio film
almost all Johnny Depp films
Hitchcock films My fave is Lifeboat, and Vertiago...
Love the old Laurence Olivia films
many more too numerous to count
forgot old Don Knotts films he brings a laugh and good clean family fun....
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