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Double walled plastic cup with lid and straw

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I picked up a Double walled plastic(BPA free) cup with lid and straw at CVS yesterday. I've been wanting one to take with on car rides and to go shopping for a long time. We buy bottled water and usually take that but recently we got filters for our Brita pitcher. I want to start taking along filtered water and leave the bottled stuff for my boyfriend (he takes 2 bottles to work everyday). Does anyone else have one of these types of cups? Do you like it compared to regular cups or water bottles?

Link to the type of cup I'm talking about. Smart Planet 16-Ounce Double-Wall Plastic Cold-Drink Cup with Reusable Straw: Home & [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@41ghMnuWlqL
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I have one, but wish it was bigger. Mine has a rubber seal. I don't think it will fall out, but you do need to wash it well or it will mold. My straw is a very hard plastic and some were broken in the store. I just wash it all in hot soapy water by hand.

I like that the drink will stay cold and not have all the condensation a regular glas will have.

Walmart had these a while back and I wish I had gotten one then. They even sold a pack of straws separately. My mom found this one at Marshalls.
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