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Dried bean problem- is this normal?

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My beans are splitting when soaked and now I am cooking them and the skins are coming off some. They are not expired. They are black beans. I used the two-day soak method I learned from youtube. Are the skins supposed to come off and will the beans split?
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i only soak overnight. and, yes, some skins float to the top
I would only soak overnight.
I've never heard of soaking 2 days either. I soak over night too!

I only soaked my beans overnight and the same thing happened.
There was a recent article in Cooks Illustrated that recommended salting the soaking water, but not salting the cooking water, to help keep the beans whole and of good texture. Another article recommended soaking no more than 8 hrs. The beans can ferment and can turn sour.
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Black beans don't need to be soaked long. You just had them hang out in the tub way too long. :)
Thanks Saule, for the tip. I will be trying that.
I never soak black beans or lentils. Guess that is why I like using them. From what I understand they don't need to soak. I just sort through them and rinse them off with water.

Saule, I love Cooks Illustrated. They explain things so well it really helps me remember different tips they give.
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Thank you for all the replies. Now I know some things to try. :)
I never soak my beans. I just rinse them off and then cook them. They will split some and some skins come off even without soaking them.
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