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It's hard to believe that I've never made "beans and rice" before. I always have lots of each in the house but I've never deliberately put together a dish of just that.

Right now I have about 20lbs of dry black beans and pinto beans on hand. I do cook them up and freeze them in portions to use in other dishes but I have not been using them enough lately. I also have several flats of canned beans I got on sale and stashed away.

So I went looking for beans and rice recipes that can use ingredients I have on hand.
I'm not a "measure ingredients" cook, I'm a "toss it in" cook.

I cooked up some brown rice I had.
I often have basmati rice on hand and it cooks quick.

I put 2 cups of cooked black beans in a bowl. I added 1 can of sliced stewed tomatoes. I added a diced sauteed onion (sauteed with minced garlic too.) and a cup of chicken stock (made from the powder). Added a bit of chili pepper and some chili powder. Mixed this all up and put it over the rice. It was excellent! And very easy.

This recipe and variations of it will be a regular in my kitchen now.
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