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because of a new fridge. Well, long story longer:

For about a year, our fridge was running...a lot. I always vaccuumed out the back, kept it clean, never a worry. Starting sometime last year, the crisper drawers kept freezing everything within a few days of stuff going in them. the top of the fridge was cool but not cold, the freezer was fine.
So, placed a call to a repairman. He checks, $60 later, your fridge is fine, just cleaned out the circulating pump, lot of dust around it.
Ok, crisper drawers still freezing stuff, so rearragement of the fridge: veggies and fruit at the top, other things in the middle, meats and freezable stuff on the bottom, freezer is still fine.
Reviewing our electric bills for the year, i noticed our usage slowly climbed, from 280-400 kwh normally, up to 500-900 kwh most months. So, I made a gamble that it was the fridge, it still seemed to always be running. So we shopped and haggled and found our fridge. It's been in for 1 month, and for 3 weeks on this past electric bill. It may be a fluke, but our usage dropped almost back to where it normally is, and our bill is down $25 this month. I'm psyched. I never expected this pleasant surprise. :)
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