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"End of Liberty" video

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Called End of Liberty. Get Ready for Higher Food Prices Due to Falling Economy They have a part where they are talking to a guy about how he noticed that food prices have gone up so he started stockpiling and he shows his stockpile and it's impressive lots of info about inflation. We really need to be ready for this it's coming! Let us know what U think of this.
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Oh, CR*P! Seriously, I already lowered the amount of $ I spend during the month on food. Now the prices are supposed to go up. Can't say I haven't seen this coming. The prices at the grocery store do seem higher than last year. But I have been stockpiling as much as I can. Fortunately I have a nice stockpile going right now. Really can't complain. But I really want to complain!
I would do a little research on that "Dr" before getting too worked up about whatever he says.

*DISCLAIMER* I am by no means saying food prices are not on the increase.
Hell of a lot of gloom and doom in that video.
Russ forget the Dr. He got the video from utube
Hey Trishagirl,

Yes prices are going to rise, being prepared for it and stocking up now is so wise. I have a post on here as well about rising prices. It is a great time to stock the freezer with turkeys , baking essentials, flour and pasta. What are you stocking up on ?

Hugs and Blessings,
I'll admit I watched all of the 1 hour 14 mins and odd seconds of the video. (all political aside and discussions on if inflation or hyper inflation is going to happen)

This is what I saw

Paragraph under the video mentioned food process rising this wasn't really mentioned much in the video. This appeared in hind sight to be only a tiny little bit of what the video was about.

What I saw was:
An advertisement for the movement using alarmist marketing tactics. They mentioned almost everything anyone could be scared of,

full body scanning at airports - check
Public school education -check
rising food prices - check
Government after healthy eating - check
pharmaceutical companies out for your $ at the expense of your health -check
Federal Id card - check
stories of young children ( maybe three) on no fly lists - check
getting in trouble for selling at a garage sale -check

The list goes on an on, surely something in there to scare/hook nearly anyone.

"But wait there is hope" the title says how to avoid it. The last three to four mins. of the video says how to several times . How you ask? Join their movement they say, mentioned with undertones of how stupid Americans are that haven't all ready done so or who don't do so now.

So in summary what I saw was an advertisement for their organization and movement.
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