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Entertainment coupon books on sale!

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If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a big book full of coupons for dining, shopping, attractions in your specific area. My mom used to buy these when I was young! Seems like most coupons expire 11/1/11. Can be a really good value if your summer plans include any local attractions. For instance, we plan on going to Davis Farmland in MA for dd's 3rd bday in July. Admission should cost $80 for our family, but we can use the b1g1 free coupon to cut that in half.$40 saved-$15 coupon book cost is still a $25 savings! Google entertainment book to see exactly what discounts are included in your area. Books are $15, ship free right now.
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Mahalo - they do offer some great deals - I always forget about the entertainment books - shall go check it out!!
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