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I started out with a full de-clutter and deep clean of the space. I mopped every inch of it to get rid of spider webs and built up crud. I had to put everything back in, because hubby still doesn't know about the renovation that will happen when he's gone away.

I asked hubby to help me with a 'couple things' in the entry. I think he is beginning to suspect something is up. I asked him if he would fix the paneling in the entry so it did not bulge over the doorway. He did.

And then I asked him about using the end wall as a feature wall. He is dubious, but he pulled the remaining paneling off that wall to expose a lovely wide board siding - the original side of the house. He even cleaned it up, chipping off all the glue that had been used on the paneling. For the record, hubby is rarely this helpful. In fact, it's like pulling teeth to get him to do anything around here!

While he was out today I booked a machine to clean the linoleum glue off the hardwood, so I can sand and refinish the hardwood floor, if it's in good shape. If not, I'll just paint it.

Talked to my friend and partner in crime. She said I could store bifold doors at her place until hubby leaves. She's coming over anyways to help.

I also finished refinishing the bench for the space. Total cost $30.

Wood Rectangle Table Flooring Hardwood
Wood Rectangle Stool Box Hardwood

And I cut, stained, and installed a shelf in a mirror half moon planter I picked up last night at Winners/HomeSense for $39.

Mirror Window Wood Rectangle Fixture

Next up I will have to buy some supplies. I will store them in my studio till hubby leaves. He never goes in my studio. :) I am starting to get excited. BUT my back is starting to hurt too. I had a full day today and now I'm resting before we eat and take it easy this evening. My back is my weak spot. :( Will have to baby it through.
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