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I have done all I can do without further input from hubby. He arrives home tonight. We'll see what he says.

Thursday morning he left early for his conference, not suspecting a thing. Thursday morning my student phoned me canceling our cooking class because her daughter was home from school sick. That meant I could start on emptying out the closet and demolition right away. And I did! I only hit a snag with the linoleum floor. The people who built the entry laid the linoleum first and then built the closet over top of it. The linoleum also came up in layers. The top layer first. The second and third layers were a bear. I phoned the store I planned to rent a machine from to scrape the glue off the floor and they said "Sure! it will do it!" Famous last words. I went on to washing the space down with TSP.

My friend came over after lunch and we put on the first primer coat. Picked up the machine to strip the floor. Found out it did not work as described. Not only that, but it gouged the floor. AND it was too awkward for me to use. The floor is ruined! Hubby will be furious! :sigh: Can't be perfect. I focused on the rest of the reno. Took the evening off and went to bed a bit discouraged.

I was up bright and early Friday to put on the second primer coat. My friend arrived in time to help me cut the doorway trim for the sunroom entrance. We stopped there as she noticed the trim wasn't wide enough for the other doorway. :sigh:

In the afternoon we painted the finish coat on everything. Looks lovely! And then went shopping for a new shoe rack and recycling bins for the hallway. Looks a lot better there now.

Pictures? Before and after...

Building Fixture Wood Door Wood stain
Fixture Wood Door Flooring Floor

Property Wood Building Interior design Floor
Shoe Building Wood Interior design House

Property Fixture Door Wood Floor
Window Fixture Wood Door Flooring

Building Fixture Wood Floor Flooring
Rectangle Wood Fixture Paint Art
(Waiting for hubby to do the electrical)

Building Window Fixture Lighting Door
(The ceiling. Waiting for hubby to install the light.)

Brown Rectangle Wood Textile Flooring
(The ruined floor)

What's left to do?

~ order bifold doors to fit
~ install lights and change out switches
~ floor
~ trim around hallway door
~ baseboards

Hope hubby and the budget are up to it. And speaking of budget. So far everything total was under $600, and that includes the $322 door knob set.
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