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Essential Oil Recipes for Body and Soul
Recipes to treat stress, anxiety, bronchitis, athlete's foot, sinus problem's and more.

The following recipes are adapted from Practical Art of Aromatherapy by Deborah Nixon.

Anxiety creates tension in the body and can trigger other stress-related symptoms. Ease your anxiety by using these calming and uplifting oils.

to calm the nerves: lavender 10 drops, geranium 5 drops, sandalwood 10 drops. Blend into 2 oz of base/carrier oil such as jojoba. Massage into chest, back, and neck.

for anxiety and fear: lavender 6 drops, frankincense 8 drops, sandalwood 6 drops. Blend into 2 oz of base/carrier oil such as jojoba. Massage into chest, back, and neck.

To help battle insomnia try 6 drops of lavender and 4 drops of cedarwood in a vaporizer. Or place a bowl of dried rosebuds in your room and sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil to help promote sleep. Remember, if you are having trouble sleeping, create a haven in your room with relaxing colors, fabrics and no TV to promote a relaxing environment.

If you are stressed and exhausted, try this recipe in 2 oz of base/carrier oil.
Bergamot 10 drops, frankincense 8 drops, and rose, jasmine or neroli 2 drops. Massage into chest, back and neck.

Athlete's Foot:
There are a variety of methods to combat athlete's foot. Here are just a few.
footbath: lavender 3 drops, tea tree or eucalyptus 3 drops.
compress: A compress is placing the following ratios of essential oils into a bowl of very warm water, soaking a washcloth, squeezing and applying to affected area. Once the cloth has cooled down, repeat the process several more times.
lavender 1 drop, tea tree 1 drop, eucalyptus 1 drop.
massage: mix the following oils into 2 oz of base/carrier oil and massage into feet both morning and night.
tea tree 5 drops, thyme 5 drops, pine 5 drops.

In two ounces of base/carrier oil mix eucalyptus 7 drops, tea tree 5 drops, lavender 3 drops. Massage into chest and back. For direct inhalation, use half measures and place onto hankie.

Here are two recipes for creating massage oils to be applied to affected areas. Use in 2 oz of base/carrier oil.
massage: lavender 10 drops, sandalwood 5 drops.
massage: bergamot 3 drops, geranium 3 drops, juniper 6 drops, lavender 3 drops.

vaporizer or inhalation: tea tree 2 drops, lavender 2 drops, eucalyptus 2 drops.
bath: Add 3-4 drops of one oil to the bath: lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood, tea tree or lemon. Soak a minimum of 20 minutes.

Lavender and tea tree oils soothe and heal sunburn. Dilute 2 drops in 3 oz of water (not oil) and spray on, or soak a cold cotton compress or handkerchief in the mix and apply to cool the burn. Lavender added to aloe vera gel is also soothing.
bath: peppermint 6 drops, lavender 4 drops.

Varicose Veins:
massage: in 2 oz of base/carrier oil mix rosemary 5 drops, juniper 5 drops, lemon 2 drops.
bath or massage: cypress 5 drops, geranium 5 drops.
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