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This was in today's Dollar Stretcher email.
***I love reason #1 and am thinking of paying myself too!

My Story: Exercising at Home
contributed by J of MA
Top 10 reasons to exercise at home

Number 10: Getting outside activity is healthy. (After writing
out checks for bills, I needed to go to the bank and the post
office. It was 10 degrees outside, with a wind chill factor below
zero. I dressed in layers and went for a walk. I also stopped to
have a bagel and coffee. It was a nice, spiritual morning.)

Number 9: I have several exercise and yoga videos at home.

Number 8: I have hand weights at home.

Number 7: I have an old exercise bicycle that was obtained for

Number 6: I can exercise whenever I want. I don't have to concern
myself with crowds at the gym or class schedules.

Number 5: I can incorporate certain exercises into my daily
activities, an exercise here and an exercise there. Before I know
it, I have done 15 minutes of exercise, which is better than no

Number 4: Whenever I do the exercises at home using the video,
the instructor always tells me what a good job I have done. And
it does not matter how I look either.

Number 3: The exercise makes me feel better. My aches and pains
have slowly disappeared.

Number 2: I can also borrow exercise videos from the library to
try them out. I save money by avoiding wrong purchases.

Number 1: Here's the best reason of all. I pay myself $1 for each
day that I carry out an exercise program. It's better than paying
$1 or more for a gym membership that I may slowly stop using. I
am going to buy myself something special someday.

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That's a great idea!! :)

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Thanks for posting that!!
I agree I think I will start paying myself too!! :)
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