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Hi everyone:wave: Hope everyone is doing well today.

I got my morning walk in early-and it was NOT snowing!! YAY!! Was very cold though.
Plan on another walk this afternoon and then either the 1 mile WATP tape twice this evening or the 2 mile one once. That 2 mile one just about killed me last night!!:yikes: I was so NOT wanting to do it and I should have done that 1 mile one as I was very tired and I pushed myself too hard to complete it.

I drank 4 qts of water yesterday-Need to do that earlier!! :wink:

Have a great day. Its so :sun: here today!!

Who's next??

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I am back on track! Eating better, doing the running....and most importantly haven't had a glass of wine in 3 days!!!;) Uh, with my new relationship, we have been toasting quite often...sigh...but it doesn't do much for the LFL program!

B: Strawberries, yogurt with a little all bran sprinkled in
tons of water.
L: 2 pieces of fish, cauliflower, V8 juice and some pineapple and small granola bar
D: frozen dinner, cauliflower, V8 and a mango

MORE water!

Have a great "on program" day everyone!!!

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Your both doing great.

I did my bike earlier this afternoon and I upted it to 9 miles. I'll do my walk tonight and will increase that once again to 1.3 miles.

My eating is going well, even with the neighbour baking me a birthday cake and sending ice cream to go with it. The kids and dh will eat it!!!

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