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Good morning!!! Its a pretty day here :)
Getting ready to go do my favorite 2 shops,, food and groceries.
We are having steak night tonight yummm
Tommorrow we are changing the sand in our pool filter:yucky:
Thats a job I hate,, but it has to be done!!!
Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful spring day!!!!

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well here in Columbus, it is "STORMING" --has been raining cats and dogs :umbrella: here since last night and supposed to be chance of severe thunderstorms this afternoon!!!!! YUCK

well have to work 8-5, then:

Sort coupons to look for FRED'S Saturday deals
Supper / Dishes
Play with puppy
Organize rebates and get ready for mail

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday.

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Fabulous Stormy Frugal Friday.......

Fabulous Stormy Frugal Friday.......
Make the Beds.
Fix Lunch for DD and I.
Pack an overnight bag for DD .
Pick up around our home.
Take the Dogs out for a walk.
Get bills ready to be paid .
Make out Grocery List.
Pack an overnight bag for DH and I .
Change the Kitty Litter.
Clean up in the bathrooms.
I hope Everyone has a Great Weekend.

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Not a frugal Friday for me as I have some shopping to do:
*Eckerd's for RX
*lunch w/ DH at Subway

That's about it for me today........tidied the house this morning so all I'll need to work on would be laundry.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Stayed home from work:(
I was making dinner last night, turned quick and my back went out

It's 12:35 and this is the first time I have been out of bed, thanl goodness dh dtill had some leftover pain pill from foot surgery

I do feel quite a bit better, I hope it is not just the meds
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