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Wait it's Friday already???? :yikes: That means it's the LAST day of school vacation for DD!!! Where did the week go??? :thud: (Yet another reason I can't wait to start homeschool!)

So far-:dopey:
showered, dressed, caffinated
got DD ready for the day
made oatmeal (from scratch... YUM)
balanced the checkbook
wrote out checks (something must be wrong, we still have money :lol:
planned DD's "date"
Found coupons for the day

To do- :hero:
go to gas station
go to bank
go to library to print coupons
go to Chuck E Cheese with DD and her 'date' and his mother (he's 5, and his mom and I are friends)
have a picnic in the park
crochet (2 birds, 1 stone)
bring the 'date' home
bring DD to her fathers for the weekend
get dinner ready
pick DF up from work
clean the kitchen and

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wow. youve gotten more done this morning that i do on a regular day.
a really big chunk of me dreams of being a sahm. i guess i first need to become a mom and then i can work on the sah part ;) i would love to be the gas behind a full running powerful machine like home. on top of the chores, home made meals, making it the sanctuary that i know it could be.

maybe one day... :sun:

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Kids are still in school until May 25th (was going to be the 12th but they have a ton of snow days to make up).
I have work today so the usual routine there. There is still money left over and today is Payday so I get to play with the extra funds (Go Debt reduction!) I have to finish laundry and put away clothes, clean the bathrooms and take care of the floors. DS is house sitting this weekend so I need to take him shopping for food and let him pick up some videos.

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So far today I have:
~Washed, dried, folded and put away 3 loads of laundry.
~Made the beds.
~Swept the kitchen and dining room. Mopped the dining room.
~Gathered trash and took it all out to the can.
~Packed the boys clothes for camping this weekend.
~Wiped down the bathrooms.
I still need to:
~Wash towels.
~Pack for DH and myself.
~Load the truck.
~Go to the grocery store.
~Take trash to road for pickup tomorrow.
~Get down to the campground and enjoy the weekend.
Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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Have been doing the usual morning routine with a happy heart!! It's beautiful here today!!Gonna get the vehicle cleaned and ready for a day trip tomorrow- haven't decided where to go, just gonna pull out the map, see where we have not been and head that way!

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I love reading your lists Lisa! Keep posting them, you inspire me every time!!! Thus far today I've:
~gotten dressed(it's amazing!)
~made the bed
~organized 2 of my dresser drawers and weeded out the old stuff
~washed and hung 2 loads of laundry
~put away a stack of clean laundry
~had coffee and breakfast
~made a first draft of a OAMC meals list
~unloaded/loaded dishwasher
~started a list of home therapy activities for Ro and printed a blank schedule to fill in
Still need to:
~decide what's for dinner
~actually do some therapy stuff with Ro
~wash out a mound of baggies
~pay bills and reorder checks
~start tomorrows shopping list
~unload/load dishwasher
~do some light yardwork tonight
~or take a walk with my MP3 player
~redo the "honey-do" list since it "somehow" got "lost"
~do a before-bed-routine tonight

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It's only 8:30 here but so far I have:

1) Cleaned out fridge
2) Took the trash out
3) Made grocery list
4) Made bed
5) Showered and dressed.
6) Planned meals

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Wow you all get a lot done in the morning!! LOL I am not a morning person so I take it slow....

It is 10:30 here and I have...
~ washed diapers (waiting for them to finish and will hang them)
~ sorted laundry
~ kiddos fed chickens, horses, and doggies
~ kiddos are fed and dressed
~ bed is made and kids bed is made
~ wound 10 skiens of yarn
~ got hamburgers out for supper

Need to:
~ take a shower and get dressed
~ finish knitting some shorts for an order
~ do school with the kiddos
~ cycle through laundry and fold put away
~ wash van
~ ds has tee ball tonight

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Morning All!

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here. Right now it's sunny & 61. So far today I've:
*showered and dressed
*walked and fed the dogs
*went to Walgreens to pick up RX
*went to Walmart for a few odds & ends

Still need to:
*sweep & vacuum

And since DH is working from home today, I think we are going to take a walk by the lake at lunchtime :)

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So far today I have:
*Made Dh pancakes (his favorite)
*finished the laundry and have it drying outside
*folded any dry laundry
*gotten the chicken out for dinner and have it marinating
*cleaned up my kitchen
*re-loaded the dishwasher
*Got everything ready for work today

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While I havent gotten much done this morning I do have a few things I have done and still have to do:

~ Make Beds
~ Drive DH to work and DD to school
~ Let doggies out
~ Clean up bathroom
~ Sweep upstairs hallway
~ Put out recycles
~ Take out clean dishes from dishwasher replace with dirty dishes
~ Post a few item on Freecycle
~ Pick up DD from school
~ De-clutter bedroom closet :)
~ Watch some TV
~ Surf the net / respond to emails
~ Write in my blog
~ Pick up DH from work
~ Eat dinner
~ Watch a movie

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Have done--

got ready for work
stopped to pick up candy for our work promo
balanced atm
cash balancing

To Do Tonight:
Make dinner
Do laundry
pack for trip to Illinois

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G'day FV-ers :toothy:

I have already:
~picked up my girl scout cookie order
~met with the arts & crafts director on post. You are now looking at a volunteer knitting instructor :toothy: (now if only I could get a paid gig at Michaels lol)
~showered & had my coffee

Now I'm having my breakfast/lunch. After lunch I am taking the kids outside to enjoy this beautiful weather. We went out yesterday afternoon and I got a SUNBURN!! Woot! lol

Dh has an interview at 3pm and I have to be to work by 4pm.

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So far today -
~ made spice muffins with dd7 for breakfast and snacks over the weekend
~ balanced checkbook (dh's payday)
~ paid bills online & wrote out checks for those that need to be mailed
~ hung laundry out to dry
~ Did BJs club shopping
~ put gas in the car for the month
~ started re-packaging items from BJs for storage

Now I've just put the two little one's down for their naps and need to lay down myself. I'm on a new medication and it is making me more tired than usual. After that I need to:
~ wash dishes
~ finish putting away grocery items
~ sweep
~ fix dinner
~ fold laundry
~ Supervise cleaning of girls' bedroom
~ bedtime routine for the kids
~ crochet or knit on something
~ read

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So far I have...

took loaf of bread out of freezer plus 2 bags of turkey
put dishes away
have load of towels washed & now drying
took care of kitty's needs
chatted with dad about what he has to do/go today
had breakfast
hopeing it's going to warm up like they say.
looked for a recipe that cannot be found :(
turned up heat since it was only 38* tooo COLD!!!
kitchen is cleaned up
I have Malycia's stuff packed up but won't ship until payday
I ordered Malycia her keepsake pillow & pink bath set which is being shipped directly to my DD
found out my close friend {& her husband} who is like a mom to me will be moving to Az this fall :cry: she will really be missed by all of us here.
I got the printer working & have been printing coupons :thumb:
signed up for a couple more coupon trading sites I found
charging scanner

still need to...
do my daily reading
update coupons
cut out coupons I printed
make dinner
update grocery list
do more surveys
get another load of laundry done
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