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I went through the pantry and freezer, and this is what the next several weeks look like. I haven't decided in what order yet. All entrees will include a fresh vegetable or salad, depending on what I find that week.

ham and pineapple pizza
spaghetti & meatballs
veg sushi and creamed corn soup
gyro sandwiches
lentil stew
smoked turkey
falafel sandwiches
dirty rice
chicken fajitas and spanish rice
bacon wrapped sirloin steak
pork bbq sandwiches
short ribs
ham steak
chicken enchiladas with yellow rice
veg sushi and wonton soup
corned beef sandwiches with sauerkraut
miso glazed fish

That should get me to the end of the month without having to buy any meat at all.

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WTG organizing your meals. :)
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