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Fighting the urge to overeat!

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Well it is that time of the year. Fall is here and it is getting cold. Which seems to send my body into the idea that I really need to get the fat stockpiles on my body upped for the winter "starvation" that might be coming.

For whatever reason this happens every year. I am trying to eat alot more veggies and fruit. Can't wait to until this stops. I go thru this also in the spring time.

Anyone else wandering around with this all consuming urge to eat more?

I am going to get another piece of gum.
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Its your body's natural way of surviving the winter - hibernating so to speak. Just be mindful of what you put into your mouth and portions. I know this is the carby time of year - baked treats, thick creamy soups/stews...just try to make better health choices and continue to move daily to help ward it off.
Anyone else wandering around with this all consuming urge to eat more?
Oh yeah. As soon as it gets nippy outside, I just want to sit under a quilt with some hot cocoa and a big plate of chocolate chip cookies. By myself. ;)

Couldn't you go for some warm cinnamon rolls right now? Yummy! :D
Oh how i wished it was only spring and fall that i wanted to over eat it year around for me.I do fell for you for i am over weight about 40 lb can't seem to loose any and holidays coming up.
DD and i were calling it the fall carb storage gene at Kentucky fired chicken today. We split mac and potato

I get crunchy veg like giant carrots and green peppers at the farm amrket and have at it. Also excercise-sometimes w/ a song about what I am not going to eat.
I eat every 2 or 3 hours. It keeps my blood sugar levels stable, and I am not so hungry that I want to overeat.Poor carbs, and their bad, bad rap. I always have lots and lots of carbs all year round, without gaining a pound. I just eat them whole( potatoes, carrots, corn- you name it)I don't sauce them up, fry them up, butter them up, or cream them up. I love air popped corn at this time of the year! Yum!! Yum!!!If you want something sweet, have a baked sweet potato with a little cinnamon or a baked apple with cinnamon and nuts. So, so good!
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I absolutely love comfort foods (and lots of them) in winter.

A friend of mine tried something quite interesting, maybe some of you have done something like it?

Like myself, if she wasn't hungry but had a craving for some delicious baked good or yummy, steaming soup, she would have a hot cup of something - tea, coffee or hot chocolate. But she came up with the idea of trying a different type tea every single day for a whole month (some month in winter). She had some really unusual concoctions!

She said it really helped with hibernation cravings because it was like a special treat - warming and comforting.

Haven't tried it myself, but I liked the idea :)
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~Yes I usually gain 5-10lbs between October and December which I spend January and February losing.
I wonder if I will this year now that I've gone dairy-free? I can't have 75% of my favorite comfort foods and goodies.~
Just be mindful of what you put into your mouth and portions.
:yikes: I AM MINDFUL!!!

Mindful that it all tastes darn good..........and I want is all warm and hearty and good! After living on cuke and tomato sandwiches all summer, because I didn't want to cook, I am into the hearty stuff now!!

Can you smell my very hearty bean/lentil soup cooking...........along with the baking bread??????
Right now I have the crockpot going for chicken soup. Figure I will load it up with veggies.

Did I mention I ate two pastries for dinner? Oh yea, and a little chicken for protein.

I can't wait until this passes!!!
I do gain more in the 'winter' - it's 95 degrees here right now in the sunny SW of US. And it's the middle of freakin' October!

However - I eat oatmeal, quinoa, whole grains, etc. And yes, I have "winter clothes" that are almost a size larger. They're certainly large enough that I don't sweat gaining a few pounds.

Exercise and water helps a lot!
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