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Finally, a garden to love!

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We are closing on our new home on January 14th. We went to the house today and after some scouring of the front, back and side yards, I've discovered that the garden I wanted for so many years is entirely possible now.

There's a good amount of space on the side of the house, which is where my raspberry plants will go. We have to fix the negative drainage around the house and figured that if we were going to do that, we might as well prep the side yard for raspberry plants this Spring. I have lots of people wanting to donate plants to me, so that'll be no cost on my end.

The back yard is full of potential that makes me smile. We have some trees to clear out, which will then make way for the massive garden in the backyard. This Spring, I plan on getting rid of all of the trees and utilizing a portion of the yard for the following crops:


With the closest store being not as close as the last house, we'll need to have more produce on hand. The plan is to turn one of the storage rooms in the house into a cold room, so that's also plenty of vegetable storage.

The front of the house has two large garden tubs, which will be perfect for any flowers. We also have a deck that's large enough to accomodate a grill, table, chairs and a tent to keep the bugs out.

I think we finally found the house to love!
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Can't wait to see picturesw of the new place. It must be so exciting to be moving into your new place!
A new home and a garden, glad you found them in one spot. I can't wat to find mine. Please show pics of the berries. This is one thing I told DH I will definately have in my garden.

Congratulations on your new home. I know that you are so excited about the garden possibilities.
Congratulations on your new home! You will have so much fun with your new garden. Enjoy. :)
Best wishes on your closing!!! I'm very excited for you!!
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