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OK, I really DON'T have a few minutes, but I'm making a few minutes. LOL

We are finally in our own house again. The payment on this house is the same as our last house, and in the 7 mths we were living in my grandparents' basement, we have been able to save up quite a bit of money. We used some for the downpayment and other "necessities" of buying a house, and we are using some to get the house in order (fix little things, add some shelving, that sort of thing - no remodels of any kind right now, although a little paint to the exterior doors and one wall and eventually painting the kids' rooms, etc, is in order). After a couple months of seeing how the bills go here, we will resume the debt snowball. We are holding an extra large yard sale in the spring, so hopefully that will yield us even more money for our snowball. Also going to be putting in a pretty big garden to help with the food bills throughout the year, and we will be learning some self-sufficient ways of doing things over the next few years, as well. That will cut down even more costs.

And that's where we're at! Gotta get back to work around here. We have a housewarming party in a week, and lots to do before then!
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