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Financial Peace Jr arrived ;)

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Wife and I have been piecing together the DR plan from the library (no official FPU classes attended) and our 10 yr old has been asking questions and hearing our talks and even has been a part of our decisions envelope wise for food entertainment etc.

I checked into the FPU jr thing and found it on for about $13 i think with shipping and tax it was $16 total, ordered it up for her and it came yesterday.

Wife and I went thru it last night (after we paid off 2 credit cards and made a few more budget adjustments!) and are excited about putting this into action with her.

We had her watch the dvd where DR had his kids explain their roles in saving and whatnot and she's actually pretty good about saving already, she has $141 in her savings acct, and that's decent vs most kids getting $30 for a birthday or something and just blowing it...

She isn't saving for anything in particular at this moment, and she does do some basic chores everyday, but we are going to start that commissions chart for her and give her some goals to work for there (having that on the fridge should be motivating).

And she can feel more part of this whole process we are all learning just on her scale, so by the time she is 18 hopefully she will be a lot smarter than us!

If you have experience with the FPU jr. class with your kids I would love to hear about it!

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Bill, What do you think of the Dave Jr. as a whole?

Do you think it's too young for your 10 yr old? Or is it right in line with what she's able to do?

I ask because I was eyeballing it myself, but I can't bring myself to spend the money on it if it's something I can do myself - or if it's pretty much what we already do....

My kids earn dominos for chores, etc. This was the easiest way to keep up with it - Say little j takes it upon himself to help me bring all the groceries in from the car, he earns a domino - it's up to him to hang on to it and keep it safe until Sunday - then they can bring me all their dominos & cash them in.

One domino equals $1

I wanted to do poker chips, but I didn't have any - and haven't found any at the thrift store - I still think poker chips would be cool because each kid could have a different color -

anyway, I like our system because it teaches them to keep up with their dom. & not lose them -

after having the actual money - they can store it someplace safe until there is enough to take to the bank - and they have to save at least 25% but more if they choose to.

I was also eyeballing the teen homeschooling unit - but I'd LOVE to actually SEE it first.
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