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The following article is from the Daily Express 13 march 2007.

There are great services offering complementary treatments on the National Health Service, says Katherine Murphy, spokesperson for the Patients Association, but she warns that you may not be offered them.

"Its very much up to the individual patient to ask for the treatments", she says. "Patients expect to be offered any treatment available to them, but in many cases, this simply doesn't happen even when the services are available."

There is no central database on the treatments available across the UK, although the Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health (FIH) is in the process of collating data that will help build up a better picture of the services available.

To find out whats available in your area, its best to ask your GP, Midwife, or hospital consultant.
"You may also find treatments are available from a pain management clinic in your area, if your GP can,t directly offer you the service," says Dr Jeremy Tankel.

You don't have a right to complementary treatments on the NHS but if you know there are services in your area, don't be put off straightaway. " You could ask for a second opinion from another GP at your practice."
If you do experience difficulty obtaining treatment, you may be able to get help and advice from the Patients Association (0845 608 4455)., or the NHS Patients Advice and Liaison Service.

For more information contact the FIH website
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