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Well here it is the first Frieday of the new year.

So far I've done pretty well on my New Years Goals:
Have gone throught 1/3 of the magazines in the first computer paper box under my desk. We've had every meal from the freezer.

Plans for today include:

1 load of landry
Vaccum rugs
emtpy dishwasher
Visit the accountant with business tax stuff
Begin filing a basket load of paperwork
Drive kids to school and pick up
Make supper
Bake some bar cookies for dance group tonight

How everyone eles doing on their January Goals???:surprise:
Laurie in Bradenton

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Great to hear you're moving right along on you're january goals Laurie!!! I'm kinda just crawling but at least its something. I've laid out 4 projects for the month and am still working on the first one.....but at least I've started. I hope to make some progress this weekend once I'm off. Not much planned for today but routine stuff.

Work for about 4 hours
Go sit with dad for a few hours (just released from the rehab hospital yesterday)
meet the kids bus
quick run through of the house (may pawn this off on hubby and the boys while I run errands)
some work on Jan. projects

Hope you all hae a great day!

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It is so warm here this morning-52 and balmy!

So far I have:
Paid the bills
Laundry-washed and hung
Dishes done
General pickup around the house
Still have to bake some cookies
Clean the bathroom
Wash the kitchen floor
Clean out the fridge-am trying to keep with my challenges as well and not waste as much food. Will plan supper with what is in there.

Have a great day all!

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Good morning! It's a rainy, windy 53* here. In January!!! I just can't believe this weather. But I'll take it!

Today I am staying home. No errands to run or appts to go to today.

I need to:
~get the ornaments & lights off the tree
~put away my snowmen
~wash my Christmas linens (halfway there, did the table linens the other day)
~vacuum downstairs (if I can talk ds into dismanteling his train track he has set up in the office)
~load & run the dishwasher's baaaack :rolleyes:
~do my power walk
~do some weights & ab work
~get on the recumbant bike
~figure out what to make for dinner
~clean up the dining room, living room, kitchen

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You ever see one of those shows where people go into someone's house/room and it is completly cluttered? Well that's my basement!!! And its pretty big. Have been working on it 1/2 hour a day and already I am ready to pull my hair out. Oh well hi ho, hi ho its off to work I go.


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Lets see. Today I have already:
made my bed
cleaned the cat boxes
fed the cats
emptied dishwasher
straightend living room
swiped down half bath
I need to swipe down the upstairs bath and sweep. Tonight is dh and I's bowling league so money will be spent but we will have fun. Have a good day

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Good morning everyone. I had big plans for the day but this cold is still dragging me down. I had another sleepless night last night so I'm tired and grouchy this morning.

I have to do today:
Bath, shave legs, wash and do hair & makeup
Go to a funeral at 10 (ok, enough funerals already--this is about 4 in the past 2 weeks!)

I wanted to do but don't know if I have the umph or not:
Go into the city to run errands and pick up stuff for a baby shower I'm helping with and maybe a little thrifting. I'm just so tired I don't know if I'm able or not. I'll know after the funeral.

I hope everyone has a great day. I'm off to hop in the tub and see if I can get the blood flowing.

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We have managed to stick with our daily goals pretty well this week here. I have not been to the grocery store since last month, we have done all of our lessons each day, and are slowly decluttering & reorganizing the office & family room areas.

~ we have short lessons for Friday and a fun science activity.
~ Clean children's bathroom
~ Wipe down kitchen & put away clean dishes
~ have a friend coming over to watch the children while I go to an appointment this afternon - so need to straighten up for that
~ Still have laundry - always have laundry

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So far I have:
Showered and washed my hair

I still need to:
Feed the dogs
Make the bed
Unload the dishwasher
Read for school
Go with mom to get the oil changed in her car
Fix dinner

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Today I am-

~washing linens
~vacuuming carpets
~defrosting a turkey in the sink for roasting tonight
~do a load of dishes
~knit, knit and more knitting

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~So far today I've washed a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, organized the bathroom closet and put another thin plastic container under my bed for my huge stockpile of BBW lotion. I still need to;
~organize under my kitchen sink, it's a disaster zone!
~get out cheese from freezer for pizza tonight
~hang laundry to dry in sunroom
~change bedsheets
~sew some totes
Just a regular house day around here.I'm doing pretty well on my 2007 goals so far. I've been reading about 5 books a day to each of the kids(the 20 page type). Tomorrow I'll be hitting another goal of getting them outside more because we're going to the zoo. Supposed to reach 70* tomorrow! I'm on the right track with my goals I think. Have a great day everyone!

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I'm sure glad it's friday, Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.
So far I have: thrown a load in washer
payed the some bills
fed furbabies
cleaned cat boxes
put away dishes in drainer
Still need to : empty dishwasher
do my cardio
vacuum...not in the mood
get ready for work
think of something for dinner (what happen to my menu plan?)
straighten up a bit
hang that load of laudry
and toss line load in for quick tumble

I cut the budget a little short this time around, I will have to pull some out of what I saved to cover a few things from grocery store and hubby's allowance...a little disappointed :( .

Lisa I'm sorry your not feeling well, you take care and get some rest.

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Today I will:
Do a load of laundry on my lunch hour
put it away when I get home
chiropractor appointment
dinner with the family thank God for oamc !
Work at Hobby Lobby for a couple of hours tonight
clean up my crafting desk :eek: (so i can have room to play this weekend)
then: :thud:

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I've accomplished my usual routine of:

Feeding the starving (cat)
Drinking a glass of OJ and taking my pills
Reading email
Cleaning out the email box
Cleaning the kitty box

And then I faced writing a difficult response to an email

The email took up time and now it's lunch time; and I realize I forgot to eat breakfast. Wasn't much hungry anyway. I'll go raid the fridge (left over meatloaf) and eat a good lunch and make up for the skipped meal, which I rarely do.

Goals: I've been drinking more water and have cut back my caffeine intake lots ... going cold turkey on caffeine makes me crazy so I'm doing it gradually.

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Today was a good day.

*Took my aunt out for lunch (ok, she paid but I drove and brought a cute baby)
*Ran the dishwasher
*Cleaned the kitchen and dining room table
*Made dinner
*Packaged up an item I sold on eBay to mail tomorrow
*Went to my doctor's appointment

Not a whole lot, but I got in quality time with family. It was nice to see my aunt and my MIL babysat while I was at my dr's appt, so I got to visit with her, too. Now I'm just waiting for DH to get home so we can eat.

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Had a hectic day today at work. I did manage to stop at the grocery store and pick up a few things after work. I've got a pot of chili just about done
going to put on my comfy p.j's and watch t.v. for the rest of evening. I'll start in on the housework in the morning.

Dixie Jean

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I am doing great on my January goals.
I only spent $17.xx at the grocery store this week just milk, bread and produce. So if I keep this up I will keep my budget for the month.
Did exercise 4 times this week.
Drinking more water and eating healthy.
Have not had a soda for 2 weeks.

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today i finished the laundry
cleaned the bathroom top to bottom
mopped floors
vacumed carpets
I have been decluttering room by room
walked my 1-1/4 mile today, everyday going to increase by 1/4 mile to equal a 1-1/2 mile tomorrow.
new goal is garage clean and declutter.
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