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Where is everyone?today is not so frugal for me.I'm getting my tredmill today.So it is fit.This is my reward for quiting smoking(that and the crest whitestrips)Also am finetunning my workout schedule,adding some taking away some,since I'm half way there and have atleast an hour extra time in my day since I'm not smoking!!:).Chores are donw for the day except dishes and I have to wait for enough to pile up for a load.

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Amanda...WTG on being smoke free! I am glad you are rewarding yourself!

Today, I am home with Chris. He has the stomach bug. he woke up throwing up at 3 this morning. I hate the cleaning that goes with all this!! UGH!

We only have 9 more days left of school before we get out for summer vacation! YEAH!!

So for today I have plans to clean, clean, clean and clean. Then catch up on my coupons for my Saturday shopping trip. Chris is suppose to play baseball tonight, but I am not sure he will make it there. I need to call and hire someone to run the concession for me tonight as I doubt I will make it either. I will be busy with him instead.

I hope you all have a great day!:D Sure is good to be able to post again. I am ready for things to slow down in our lives.

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FrugalFantastic Fit Friday.......

Washing clothes
Making the beds.
Drying the clothes
Folding and Putting up and away the clean clothes
Clean the Kitchen
Clean the bathrooms
Clean the laundry room
Walk the dogs
Do daily Devotionals (Bible Reading,Praying and Writing out Scripture Verses).
Make Dinner for Dh and I.
Change Kitty Litter.
Have a Great FrugalDay .
Have a Great Frugal Weekend.

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Sounds great Amanda!!! If i haven't said it already, congrats on quitting smoking!

I've gotten in a 55 min. workout this morning so it's a 'fit' day for me too :)
I don't think we'll be buying much today, but yesterday carl spent a nice chunk on dvds. One spongbob dvd for 5$ less than target has it, and FOUR new workout tapes for me! The workout ones came out to only 7$ per dvd and it's my favorite instructer (kathy smith) so I think I"m going to really love these!

Lastnight (more like this morning) I cleaned up the kitchen! That was the one thing really dragging me down, so I feel like I have more energy/oomph to get the rest of my chores done today.

I have gotten my bath taken care of, I exfoliated my skin/feet and shaved very carefully. I usually hurry and leave behind streaks of hair on my leg, but i decided i need to take more time for me.

I still need to do these:
Moisturize/Makeup/My hair *Done*
Make carls lunch *Done*
Wake Ayla up and get her stuff taken care of *Done*
Take things to goodwill
Return things to target
Check goodwill for any good deals/ditto for Ralphs
List my shirts on ebay
Give my toes a french pedicure
20 min. of pilates before bed
Put some coupon envy's together to mail
Get my email fixed! For some reason it stopped sending/receiving two days ago!
Scan some pics of ayla to mail to my grandma
Change our sheets
Make our bed
Clean ayla's room
Start writing my book on the computer(transfer stuff i have on paper)
Wash the load of whites/put away *Done*
Walk with Ayla *Done*
~~Do something other than watch tv with Carl when he gets home~~

And inbetween all this I'll be spinning in circles with ayla, dancing with her, coloring, reading, and going over her ABC's

I also want to make a better effort of staying off the computer while Carl is gone! I think I will turn it off and shut the laptop so I won't be tempted.

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I got laundry going
cleaned kitchen
washed & put dishes away
waiting for delivery guy to bring me my package {I hope:)}
downloaded a better version of AOL 8.0
got my coupons put in my new organizer
filed all my other coupons
updated my new board
got a bunch of house plants and planters thanks to a friend of mine:D
I also got a couple plants for outside plus my bulbs that NEED to be planted, I couldn't plant them because the "flower beds" we have never got any rain & nothing would grow so the landlords came over & took all the dirt out of them & layed rocks in there & it looks a lot nicer & with the potted plants I'm going to put in there it will look even better :D

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Hi everyone! :)

I've been busy...

Took Mathieu(12) to his basketball tournement at 7h00am.

Came home, ate beakfast, tried to make some order in my handicapped aunt's bills.

Went to basketball tourement with my dh and Patrick. Woohoo! They lost one game, and won another dh is gone to pick him up and take pictures of the giving of the medals!:D They were playing 6 matches today. :basket:

AND...I'm getting the boys ready to leave home....;) lol! They are going away for the week-end!:toothy: Two are leaving tonight, plus my aunt, also and the other two, tomorrow...and then it's JUST ME AND DH!!!! :dancing:

Well, better go finish packing their stuff...
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