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i have some books my dd read or maybe was given but didnt read .
scholastic or yearling printed
most are in excellent condition two have a small tear on spine
not sure best age for them guessing somewhere between 8-12 if you google one in the series i am sure you may get a better idea.

seems to be a theme of neighbor hood girls vs the boys

by phyllis reynolda naylor

The Girls get even
girls rule
a traitor among the boys
the girls revenge
the boys start the war
boys rock
boys against the girls

also by francesco sedita
Miss Popularity

by laura dower - the boy next door

by nancy krulik - how i survived middle school series: can you get an F in lunch.

looking for a swap in the way of home made items i could use as gifts for the holidays -

or make me an offer of _____ plus shipping . ( can go low cost
media mail since they are books and they are paperback so not really heavy )

i use to sell on ebay as Lildebs5 if you want to check some sort of feedback on my selling / swapping .
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