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For those that collect cookbooks...

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what type do you collect? Or is it not anything specific and just any cookbook that you happen to like? Do you only buy cheap cookbooks at garage sales or do you pay good money for the cookbooks you want?

I'm considering starting a collection. I've pared things down so much that I am seriously considering adding some new things here, but I want to be selective. I have bookshelves, but have decided to be picky about what books are on them. I'd love to collect some cookbooks for starters.

I'm going to go window shop on ebay and see what types seem to interest me. :)
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I like OLD cookbooks because they use real foods. Most of the cookbooks nowadays seem to refer you to some name brand redi made stuff or mixes. I do not buy any new cookbooks at all. My favorite cookbooks are old English ones and old baking ones. You wouldn't believe some of the bread and roll recipes I have from the late 1800's. I typically go to estate sales to get my cookbooks and also old patterns (sewing) and craft magazines.
Thats the one I have, debbie, it was my mom's from the 50's - its in pretty bad shape but if you ever need a recipe from it ...
Killer Baking Powder bisquits!!
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