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Free 2011 Betty Crocker Calendar (US)

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Please, create your profile below to sign up to receive the Betty Crocker®, Dinner Made Easy, or Bisquick® email newsletter, access exclusive member benefits on, and receive a FREE* Betty Crocker 2011 Calendar!

Sign Up For The Betty Crocker Newsletter and Get A Free 2011 Betty Crocker Calendar
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Thanks for the thread! I already signed up yesterday.
Oh thanks for this! I just love these calendars. I also get the Bridgeford, and the Kraft too. I'm hoping the BC one has coupons and recipes like the others. The Bridgeford one has excellent snack recipes using their roll and bread doughs.

Pretty hard to believe we're getting ready for the new year's calendar, isn't it? I wish I knew where 2010 went to! :)

Theresa :)
Neat offer...thanks for sharing!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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