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Free car repairs and labor

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Wasn't really sure where to post this but since it is saving me money I thought I would post this here. In the last three weeks I have taken my car in twice to be repaired and it has cost me almost $1,000. When coming home the other night from the fireworks my check engine light went on again. Took the car in today to have the mechanics see what was wrong with the car. After about a half hour of waiting the mechanic told me it was the cam condensor. He told me that the owner felt bad that my car kept giving me problems and that they decided to do the repairs and labor for free!!! I was so excited and happy. I would like to do something special for the mechanics. This news couldn't of come at a better time. We have several birthdays coming up and my brothers wedding is coming up. Going to make some homemade cookies or something homemade to let them know that I aprreciate this very much!
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Always, always be nice to your repair folks, your vet, the receptionist in the doctor and dentist office and the like. They get alot of grief for things that are out of their control and just a bit of kindness goes a long way....Its so nice of you to take them something home made! Glad you are getting the car fixed at no additional cost to you!
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