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Join your favorite Sesame Street characters as they learn, play, and grow. Elmo and his friends explore an exciting range of topics, from getting ready for school to discovering the wonders of learning with music. So sing, dance, and Learn Along With Sesame. Explore topics such as: Talk, Listen, Connect — This program helps military families cope with deployment. Happy, Healthy, Ready for School — Elmo gets ready for school. Music Works Wonders — Elmo discovers the joy of music. You Can Ask — Elmo, Telly, and Big Bird talk about fear, loss, bullying, and differences. Their experiences can help families express their feelings. Lead Away — Oscar, Elmo, and Rosita learn how to protect themselves from the dangers of lead. "A" is for Asthma — Elmo and Rosita learn what to do when their friend has rouble breathing. NEW: The Get Healthy Now Show — The Sesame Street pals put on a show about healthy living. Happy, Healthy, Ready for School: Learning is Everywhere — Elmo and Abby discover they can learn anytime, anywhere. Panwapa — Azibo and his friends create a community and explore their similarities and differences.

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