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Hi! This is one of my first posts, so if it is in the wrong place, feel free to move it. I have been ordering my glasses and DH's glasses online for about two years now, and it seems there are TONS or promos going on right now that I think FV'ers could take advantage of. I have listed the promos with the details that I can suss out under the links.

I have a free pair of Rx Ray-Bans coming from Coastal Contacts (just paid $16 shipping) and two free pair of rx generic framed eyeglasses coming from Firmoo (on for me and one for DH).

With each of these, the freebie pairs are single-vision lenses and select frames, but hey, free is great! If you have bifocals or a strong Rx, YMMV.

Free Glasses |

(code is "firmoofree" at checkout - still have to pay shipping, which for me was about $7.00)

Super deal - Only $1 you can get high quality prescription eyeglasses valued $29.95

(one dollar frames with free single vision lenses - code is "onedollar" at checkout. Only a few frames to select from, and shipping will need to be paid, think it is $10 or less)

Eyeglasses Online | Discount Glasses Online | Brand Name Glasses Online from $38

(Code is "FREEGLASSESUSA" and ends at midnight on October 31rst! Also, if you have ordered here before, you can use "SAVE50" to get 50% any pair! Pay attention to the frames included - they have a wide selection, but there will be a notation that says "not coupon eligible" if you can't use the promo on the frame. Again, you pay shipping and possibly handling here, but the pair I got were $16 in shipping instead of $138 with this code!)

Happy shopping!
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