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Free Pair of Glasses for the first 10,000 (US)

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TODAY 11/18/10 NOON (ET)

you need to get the code beforehand on their facebook page | Facebook
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I just looked and there are some conditions and you do have to pay shipping. According to the facebook page, shipping would run $10-15 range. Not bad but not completely free.
Thanks for letting us know, I didn't have time to go into it so never saw the S&H.
It's still a great deal if you have the money! I just wanted everyone to know that it wasn't completely free so they would not get upset or disappointed at check out. The coupon code will also exclude some frame styles. I'm just curious as to what will be available. Thanks for the heads up on this!
I was able get a new pair for less than $13. Thank you!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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