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Morning girls. Its freezing, icy, snowy, and windy in MN today. Lovely, huh?

Today will be pretty frugal. Dave is at a Dr. appt this morning and is planning to go to his parents sometime today to do some work for them.
Tyler and I will eventually drive over and get the mail at the post office then come back in where its warm. :)

I got alot done yesterday... so I think I can play most of today. :D Got dishes done and vacuumed last night... baked chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies too. Oh I have one last small load of laundry to fold and put away.

Have a good day everyone, and stay warm!

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The day started out cold and sunny, but is starting to get overcast again. We're expecting more bad weather here today. I'm still not able to do much since my neck is out of whack and I have to take it easy.


So far today we have:
done school
practiced piano
done daily jobs
got breakfast
got the mail

Still to do:
go to writing class
meeting in the afternnon with homeschool support group
figure out what to do for dinner
go to bed early tonight!

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Today I just tried to clean a lot...then dh came home early (since he left really early for work) Then we napped, had chow mein...cleaned house some more...

Now my cousin is over and they are playing their guitars...I found out my other cousin is engaged now!

Right now I'm in the middle of sorting the pile of coupons I had on my desk :D

I don't think I got a workout in today :eek: I better do something before bed.

I can't wait till tomorrow, we might try going to either the beach or the park for a picnic. I guess the park would be more frugal so the park it is! Just please don't let it rain!

Oh and I tried making pizza and it was icky!
I'm going to stick to using english muffins from now on.
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