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Just like the football cheer Friday is here!!!!

A crisp friday too here in South Florida 54 this morning. But this type of weather puts me in the hoilday mood.

Up this am at 6:30 am
Bed Made
2 cups of joe
fur bags fed
hole filled in ( need to clip dogs toenails or husband will kill him)
Put down trash

List for today:
Get DD up fed, dressed and to school
Take bills and go to paint store and get account straightened out (there goes 3 hours)
Make up flyers for dance groups ornament exchange party on the 2nd.
Go to meat market and pick up meat for the next couple of weeks
Supper at home not sure what yet
Dance group tonight

What's everyones eles plan for tonight??

Laurie in BRadenton
Dawn I love your lists! Makes me want to do more.

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Well off work today YEAH. But still have lots to do DD is home from school since she isn't feeling well.

Go to Dr. with dad
Got 5 audits to do for part time job
Fill out all the paperwork for that.
Get trash out
Food for the day
go to the lumber store and get nuts. They are having their fresh fruit and nut fridays. Kinda strang but the prices are good.
Then stay at home and take care of DD. DH off most of the day so he will stay with her for awhile.

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LOL Laurie,
54 degrees is a heat wave here at this time of year....
Lots to do today and I won't even list them all. I will list that I am paying bills today, going for a two mile walk and getting mail and paper for my mom while she is out of town.

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Good morning! It's getting colder again. Yesterday we tied our record got up to 67*. I like the warm temps, but they make my allergies flare up. So I was up sneezing my head off this morning.

Today is a "short" day for me, the boys only have about 1hr 45m of school today because of parent-teacher conferences. I wish they would just give them the whole day off. It's such a PITA to drop them off, then come home & have enough time to shower and have to turn around and go pick them up. I also have to pick up their PTO sales order... $150 worth of Little Caesar pizza kits :rolleyes: I don't know where the heck I'm going to put the freezer freezer is full of 5 turkeys lol. Hopefully my mom will stop by this weekend & pick it all up!
Dh also gets out of work a tad early today so we are going to take the kids bowling after dinner. They don't know so it will be a nice surprise. We haven't taken them bowling since before dh lost his job in January of this year.

Already I have done:
~loaded the dishwasher
~cleaned off the stove, table, tiny bit of counter
~put a clean table cloth on the dining room table
~made the bed

I still need to:
~do more laundry
~fold laundry
~sweep the kitchen & mudrooms
~take out hamburger for dinner

I also plan on knitting more on dh's socks. I'm less than an inch from turning the heel WHOO HOO!!! :lol: Hopefully by tonight I'll be working on the gusset. It will take me forever to get to the toe though because he has HUGE feet.

I tried to get back into my "flat" two-needle knitting, but it's still boring to me. I had to go back to something more challenging. Even the lace scarf I'm working on is boring me to tears. I have to force myself to finish it though. It's a Christmas present.

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Good Morning all

They are calling for more rain
Today I have to keep an eye on the basement because we had water coming in from all the rain we had.
My MIL is taking me to get some grocerys today.
More cleaning and decluttering.
Possible DH is taking me out for supper for our anniversary! That is up in the air still.
And the usual cleaning.

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So far, I've been up and fed the baby.
I went and worked out.
I did my algebra homework.

I don't have to be at work until 12, so I am going to work on the cross-stitched pillow cases I am giving dh's sis for Christmas and spend time with the baby. I might do dishes, or I might not. I might even do laundry. If I'm ambititious.

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It is nippy outside here today too, 39º but is suppose to warm up to 50s later today. The sun is shining so I say "let the warming begin :D" . I have to work tonight so today will not be a real productive day here at home. I just plan to get some soup in the crockpot to eat over the weekend and do some dusting and straightening and wash my scrubs for work and then I am done. I will take a nap this afternoon and then off to work for the beginning of my weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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It's about 39 here this morning but supposed to be in the lower 60's for the day. The wind's not blowing so it's not so bad.

Today I'll be:
~working out
~doing laundry
~cleaning the bathrooms
~doing the run through pick and put up around the house
~might dust
~cook supper
~declutter a few magazines that I've got too many of

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20 here today a little chilly. So far I've got the kids off to school. I'm going to pay all the bills and then take Emily for a walk to the pet store. That is it until dinner time.

Hope everyone has a great day!!

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Good afternoon. It's quite mild here today, about 63! woo hoo, and the sun actually came out! Wow, I wasn't sure what that thing was!! LOL

My looks like this:
Morning routine:
X Make breakfast & lunches
X Feed kitties/change their water
X Get kids out the door
X Air bedding
X Start laundry
X Thaw/plan dinner
X Make beverages (koolaid, tea, etc)
X Wash dishes/run dishwasher
X Wipe stove, counters, microwave, table
X Light candle/tart burner
X Toss coffee filter
X Scoop cat box
X Take trash out
X Make bed
X Eat breakfast
X Take vitamins
X Shower & dress
X S/S bathrooms
X Plan meals
X Reboot laundry
X Straighten up house
X Empty dishwasher
X Clear a hotspot
X Quick mop
X Clean up entryway

To do's:
X Make next weeks menu
X Make grocery list
X Clean up hard drives
Clean out purse
Clean up laundryroom
Pay bills
X Vacuum whole house
X Put recipes in database
Clean off desk
X Balance checkbook
Clean worst room 20 mins

Afternoon routine:
X Lunch
X Clean up kitchen
Gather up laundry
X Get coffeemaker ready for a.m.
Get mail & sort

Evening routine:
Set table
Light candles
Start dinner
Eat dinner
Make lunches
Clean table
Load dishwasher/wash dishes
Shine sink
Put sponge in dishwasher
Clean counters
Put out clean towels/dishcloth
Put out coffee mug
Set out meds
Get snack ready
Finish any chores
Lay out clothes
Pull down bed covers
Spray w/febreeze
Put clean dishes away/wash any new
Wipe down kitchen
Wash face & moisturize
Brush teeth

And I had to bring dd for a med check appointment, then went to the pharmacy & dropped the scrips off, brought her back to school, then on the way to go pick the meds up I got a phone call that Ryan was being extremely violent and I had to come get him. So, I was already at the pharmacy, so I ran in real quick to see if it was ready & it was not, so I said, I'll be back later & went and got him. He is suspended again. We get home and he starts in and was calling me vulgar names and jumped out his window, etc. But, luckily dad just got home!!

So, I'm going to get the mail now & then relaxing!!

I hope everyone is having a good day!

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Well, today was not the most productive. DS was being a fussypants most of the afternoon.

*Called about the "prompt pay discount" on a medical bill and saved $60.
*Got all of the paperwork ready to fax it for my FSA
*Showered and dressed
*Got the mail
*Took DS for a walk in the stroller

Yup, that's about it. I didn't even make dinner. :hungry:
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