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One of the execs at work couldn't attend a big computer conference in Atlanta and DH got tapped to replace him. So for the price of an airline ticket I am going with him and we're calling it "vacation". His ticket and the hotel room is paid for, and he gets breakfast and lunch free. I will fend for myself and we will have evenings together.

Anyone from Atlanta got tips? What's easy to get to via MARTA? I see an aquarium and Olympic park downtown. Any recommendations?

Excited! :partyhat4:
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The Aquarium is supposed to be awesome but it's pricey! Go online and check prices, hours, etc.

MARTA is a good way to travel.

You can do a tour of CNN but I don't know how far in advance you have to schedule. It's right downtown.

Olympic Park is fun. There's the big Atlanta Ferris wheel (don't know what it's called) that I've heard is really cool.

Grant Park Zoo is fun AND one of the giant panda has two newborn cubs!

The Cyclorama is a huge round mural of the Battle of Atlanta during the Civil War. It used to be there next to the zoo but I think it may have moved. I'm not sure.

IKEA!! It's huge and has sample rooms set up. We've been there several times.

Stone Mountain is the largest piece of granite in the world. You can ride a tram to the top or hike it. There's lots to do there-----exhibits, etc.

The President Jimmy Carter Library and Museum and the MLK, Jr. Center are in Atlanta.

The High Museum of Art is wonderful, with both revolving and permanent collections on display of many kinds of art and antiques.

If you like major league baseball, you might find a Braves game. It's their last season before they move to the new stadium up in Cobb County.

You can tour the Margaret Mitchell house where she wrote Gone with the Wind. Check with the Atlanta Historical Society.

Atlanta is pretty expensive but it's worth it.

And you must eat at the Varsity!

Whenever we've gone to a new city we've always done a Gray Line Tour and it's always been helpful.
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