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For someone so tiny...

Geez babies need a lot of stuff! I had no idea! I've been planning and making lists for months, but I thought I'd post my lists here and see if any of you veteran moms have any suggestions of things I've left off my list that I'll need.

Already Obtained:
1. Crib
2. Crib bedding (just bought yesterday, so cute, I'm in love: )
3. Boppy

Big Gifts Will Receive From Others:
1. Stroller (thanks mom & dad)
2. Car Seat (thanks mom & dad)
3. Cradle (thanks sister-in-law)

Have Saved Money to Buy: (still looking for the best deals)
1. Crib Mattress
2. Mattress Pad
3. Changing Table
4. Infant Swing
5. Baby Monitor
6. Rocking Chair
7. Small Dresser
8. Pack & Play (portable playpen thingy)
9. High Chair (probably won't buy until he's a few months old)
10. Diapers (have already begun stockpiling)
11. Diaper Wipes
12. Diaper Cream
13. Diaper Genie Refills
14. Bottle Baggy Refills
15. Binkies
16. Mild Laundry Soap
17. Random Baby Toiletries (shampoo, lotion)
18. Random Baby Medicines/First Aid

(I know 10 - 18 will be continuing expenses, but I want to have some of each stockpiled by the time he gets here.)

On My Registry: (but have money set aside to buy if do not receive)
1. Bottles (not tons, I plan to breast feed)
2. Breast Pump
3. Bottle Sterilizer
4. Diaper Genie
5. Diaper Bag
6. Crib Sheets
7. Bathtub
8. Hooded Towels
9. Wash Cloths
10. First Aid Kit
11. General Baby Care Kit (nail clippers etc)
12. Wrap/Sling/Carrying Device
13. Mobile
14. Night Light
15. Hamper
16. Blankets (tons)
17. Onesies (tons)
18. Footie Sleepers (at least 7)
19. Miscellaneous Clothes
20. Socks (at least 10)
21. Hat
22. Bibs (at least 4 or 5)
23. Burp Cloths (tons)

(Are those wipe warmer things necessary? Are they nice to have? Should I add one to my registry? I think they're absurd, but everyone I've talked to about them thinks I'm cruel for not getting one. My butt was wiped with cold wipes and I turned out just fine, but what do I know?)

What am I forgetting? What on my list is totally not necessary? Any help you could provide this first time mom would be super appreciated. :) I'm really hoping to have his room all set up and stocked and waiting for him by the time that first labor pain hits, and I've planned well for it financially, I just want to make sure I'm covering all of my bases.

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You could probably find some of that stuff gently used. Babies don't wear clothes very long since they grow so fast. I am thinking you could find a lot of that stuff at yard sales or thrift shops.

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well, since this is Frugal Village, I do have to suggest Cloth diapers. They have some REALLY cute ones out now. Not just the boring prefolds and pins. They are really easy to care for too. We didn't discover them until DD#2 was already 15 months old, but I wish we had found them earlier. The only thing is there are very few actual stores that sell them, so we buy them online. If you are interested in looking I can point you in the right direction. I know several other moms on here cloth diaper too.

As for your list....
pacifiers (binkies)... get a couple different kinds, but be prepared for him to not like any of them.

The wipe warmer is not necessary. We do just fine without.

For wet wipes, make sure you get the "sensitive" ones to start with. Nothing worse than a new baby with a rashy bum!

For a pump, I really liked the Avent Isis, even when I pumped full-time for DD#1. It's inexpensive, but still works very well. I tried a couple other manual ones and really didn't like them.

Don't forget nursing pads!!!! They will be a life saver!! Unless you get reusuable ones I would add them to your stock-up list. I really liked the Lansinoh brand ones. A little bit more expensive, but they work really well. Starting off you will probably need a new set after every feeding until your body adjusts. Otherwise you will have some wet shirts!!

For a high chair we bought one that strapped on to a kitchen chair. They were much cheaper and work just as well. They have some that lean back and the seat level is adjustable to accomodate for the growing baby. and then they convert into a booster seat.

Hope this helps some!

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Personally I don't think babies need anywhere near as much as Walmart wants you to believe. Every baby is different, and every parent has a different opinion of what is necessary. So this is just my personal opinion of the items on your list.

Already Obtained:
1. Crib - need
2. Crib bedding - purely decorative
3. Boppy - I don't know what this is, but since you already have it, I guess it doesn't matter

Big Gifts Will Receive From Others:
1. Stroller (thanks mom & dad) - need
2. Car Seat (thanks mom & dad) - definitely need
3. Cradle (thanks sister-in-law) - not necessary

Have Saved Money to Buy: (still looking for the best deals)
1. Crib Mattress - necessary
2. Mattress Pad - not necessary
3. Changing Table - total waste and dangerous
4. Infant Swing - depends on the baby's preference, some love it, some hate it
5. Baby Monitor - not necessary unless your house is huge
6. Rocking Chair - nice to have, buy quality
7. Small Dresser - necessary if you need the space
8. Pack & Play (portable playpen thingy) - crib, cradle, and p&p might be a bit much
9. High Chair (probably won't buy until he's a few months old) - think about a booster seat instead
10. Diapers (have already begun stockpiling) - need, but don't stockpile too much as you don't know what brand will work with your baby (they fit everyone different) or how long they will be in a particular size
11. Diaper Wipes - I prefer homemade
12. Diaper Cream - never used, I'd wait until you need it. You'll want vaseline for the first week or so to help get the meconium off
13. Diaper Genie Refills - I use grocery bags
14. Bottle Baggy Refills - you can get bottles that don't use bags
15. Binkies - does this mean soother? We have dozens, but it depends on the baby (buy one just in case)
16. Mild Laundry Soap - I use tide free for all the laundry, never had a problem
17. Random Baby Toiletries (shampoo, lotion) - shampoo yes, most of the rest no
18. Random Baby Medicines/First Aid - as needed

On My Registry:
1. Bottles (not tons, I plan to breast feed) - might need
2. Breast Pump - might need, if you really need it you might be better off renting a good one rather than trying to use a cheap one. If it's just for now and then, cheap one's probably fine. Ask around for recommendations.
3. Bottle Sterilizer - if you can boil water, this is a waste of money
4. Diaper Genie - never used one
5. Diaper Bag - probably need, although any bag will do
6. Crib Sheets - need
7. Bathtub - good idea
8. Hooded Towels - I have 4, that was plenty (unless you don't do laundry)
9. Wash Cloths - don't need special ones
10. First Aid Kit - good idea
11. General Baby Care Kit (nail clippers etc) - ours had all the same stuff as the first aid kit, so I returned it and just got clippers
12. Wrap/Sling/Carrying Device - may or may not need, depends on baby
13. Mobile - decorative
14. Night Light - not necessary, unless you can't see to get to the baby
15. Hamper - we use a laundry basket
16. Blankets (tons) - don't need tons
17. Onesies (tons) - about same number as sleepers, but they grow out of the little ones quickly
18. Footie Sleepers (at least 7) - need
19. Miscellaneous Clothes - the baby will be in its pyjamas for the first 6 months
20. Socks (at least 10) - too many socks, remember there are feet in the sleepers
21. Hat - need
22. Bibs (at least 4 or 5) - more important when they start solids
23. Burp Cloths (tons) - total waste (use a towel)
I think wipe warmers are silly, unless you plan to store your wipes in the freezer.

You need socket covers when they start to crawl. You may want something for them to sit in (maybe that's what a boppy is?).

Buy used whenever possible except for the car seat and the crib mattress. Most baby stuff doesn't get much use.

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JMO--the diaper genie is a pain. Talk to a couple of people who have one. They also break easily. They twist the plastic tube around the diaper and when you empty it--the diapers are in this log sausage roll. It is very awkward to get that tube into another garbage bag to take out.

Currently both DD's are using a Diaper Champ. Any trash bag fits in it. We have also used recycled plastic grocery bags in a pinch. It may cost more up front--but nothing to "break".

You've got great lists and they look realistic. Wipe warmer is not necessary. If you are really feeling sorry for baby--just hold the wipe in your hand and it will warm right up. (Oldest GD was born in January in Phili--it is darn cold there in winter.)

I bought gently used items for Grandma's house from "Other Mother's". I saved half of new purchase price. I bought a pack and play, swing and highchair for less than $100. One mistake I made was buying a stroller and carseat off of craigs list. It was an "older" model that didn't have the anchor straps. I didn't know it was even missing until my DD came to town and we needed to use the carseat.

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~It's been my experience that kids DON"T need all that much. My parents bought our crib and crib mattress and Co-sleeper bassinet(wonderful for breastfeeding at night!)My in-laws gave us the carseat and stroller. Here's what I saw on your list that I never had need to buy:
Changing Table(I changed my kids in the crib, on my bed or on the floor), Baby monitor(my house is so tiny it'd never be nessessary!),Rocking chair(impossible to nurse in.Ro liked his daddy to walk him to sleep, Evie would just fall asleep in my arms),Pack & Play (didn't travel much and when I did I borrowed one),High Chair (I got a portable one that attaches to our dining room chairs.I LOVE it!),Diaper Genie Refills(used cloth diapers),Mild Laundry Soap(my kids were never bothered by small amounts of regular detergent),Bottle Sterilizer(I pumped one bottle a week so I just sterilized in a pot of boiling water on the stove),Diaper Genie(used cloth diapers so I bought a lidded trash can to soak them in),Diaper Bag(used the free bag the hospital gives out),Mobile(my kids never liked hanging out in their cribs no matter what cool toys were in there),Hamper(I use an old box as a hamper),Burp Cloths(I used pre-fold diapers for burp cloths).

I had a wipe warmer given to me but I never used it because I used cloth wipes. DS never minded cold cloths but dd does! You might do better to see what you need as you go along. Most everything I did need or felt I needed I recieved as a gift, hand-me-down or I purchased it cheap at a thrift store. I'm still using baby wash on the kids that I got at DD's baby shower.

You didn't mention toys. My kids LOVED a floor gym. It looks like a swingset that they lie under. They can kick the toys and it plays music. A crib mirror is a good idea too. You might also want some car accessories like a sunshade, a neck pillow and a fleece carseat wrap.

And I've just gotta plug Soothies. These are gel pads you put on your "nursing area" during that breaking-in period. So very nice!

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A note about the wiper warmer, I frequent a few baby message boards and I have heard moms complain that those things dry out the wipes. YMMV. Your list looks great, btw -- aside from a few small things already mentioned. How exciting! :)

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Just a couple of notes on your items. I LOVED my diaper genie. I had no problems with it at all, the rolls of bags lasted FOREVER. And it really did keep the smell unnoticeable.

Wipe warmers. No they are not necessary, but depending on the baby, some of them are very disturbed by cold wipes on their bums and tend to be more "awake" after that cold shock and take longer to go back to sleep after the middle of the night diaper change. Mine were. Once I bought the wipe warmer, they went right back down afterward. They do tend to dry the wipes out a bit, but if you take a squirt bottle and fill it mostly with water and add a tablespoon or so of baby lotion and shake really well, you can squirt it on the wipes when the top ones start to dry out. That takes care of the problem.

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I wasn't a big fan of the wipe warmer at all. It was a gift though so at least I didn't waste money on it.

I loved my diaper genie when I lived in an apartment. I never smelled anything coming out of that pail. It sucked to change, but dh did that.

As for a changing table, I wouldn't say you need one. If you are getting a dresser, get one that is at an easy level for you and dh to change baby on that, and then Babies R Us and Target have a changing pad thing that you can screw onto the dresser (the screws are on the back so it doesn't ruin the top of the dresser.) Wesley didn't use the baby swing that much. He preferred his papasan bouncy and then his ocean wonders bouncy after that. We didn't use our monitors that much. Hold off on the high chair until he/she is around 5-6ish months. Can't really use until he or she is able to sit on their own and eat solids or cereal. I would have at least one tube of diaper cream on hand to use as preventitive maintenance on the baby. I would have some baby medicines on hand b.c it's really inconveniant to have to run to Walgreens at 2 am for baby tylenol when your baby is sick. You don't need a bottle sterilizer. Most doctors recommend sterilizing before the the first use and after that hand/dishwashing is fine. As for clothing, I would check a second hand clothing store.

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If money is an issue, I would definately seek out some of these items secondhand. For example, my baby girl is five months old, and we have yet to buy her a piece of clothing new. We bought a few things at yardsales, were given if you're having a shower, don't buy clothes until afterwards unless you just can't resist :) Freecycle is also a great place to pick up gently used baby stuff.

And I also think cloth diapers are a great idea....I wasn't sure we'd stick with them until we tried them, but we're hooked. We spent about $150 as a one time deal (we figured it out - disposables would cost us $40 per WEEK) We use a diaper champ type deal, and just put the dirty ones in it in a garbage bag, which we empty into the washer every few days, run an extra rinse, and then run through like normal. They're so simple, and sooo much cheaper.

If you invest in a good sling or carrier, you probably won't need a stroller - providing your little one likes it. We have several slings, and have yet to use our stroller at all....luckily it was given to us, so we're not out any money.

Even if you decide not to use cloth diapers, I would recommend you pick up a pack of prefolds - they make great all purpose baby rags for catching the various bodily fluids and disasters babies create.

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Wow --- its' been a long time since mine were babies, but I can promise you that we never had such a long list.

I bought my first home with NOTHING. He was 7 weeks preemie, and after all the excitement of the problems during pregnancy, we had NO money either.

I made diaper shirts from an old sheet, used dish towels for diapers and bread wrappers for plastic pants.

He slept in a dresser drawer.

3 kids later -- I never owned a high chair (I held them in my lap til they were big enough to sit in a chair), playpen (I put them in their cribs if I HAD to be out of eyesight for a few minutes), changing table (I changed them in the crib, on the floor, where ever), diaper wipes (I used soft wash clothes), wipes warmer (nope), etc.

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Let me chime in here and say every mom and baby are different. Everyone is going to have a different opinion on what you should and should not get, what is needed and what is not. I think you have included just about everything a new mom may need or want. You will find as you go along what works best for you and your baby.

With that said here is my two cents on a few things:

Decorating the baby's room was my favorite thing. I loved all of my wall hangings that coordinated with the bedding, the lamps, the mobile, the nightlight etc...

I got so much use out of my swing, exersaucer (stationary walker), and Johnny Jumper (a seat that hung in a doorway and baby would "walk" and bounce in it).

I was not a fan of the Diaper Genie, only used it two days.

I liked having my changing table for organizational reasons, but I rarely changed a diaper there.

Pack n Play was a lifesaver for visits to grandparents, picnics at the park, etc... It was nice to have a familiar place for my kids to nap, rest or entertain themselves when we were not at home.

I could not get enough socks, onsies, sleepers, cotton outfits, and bibs. I am funny about my kids wearing stained clothes so if something got a formula stain that would not come out, they did not wear it again. As a result we went through a lot of clothing items. Also, socks evaporate into thin air here.

My DS had a sensitive bottom and only certain, alcohol free wipes would work. Be cautious in buying large amounts of certain items ahead of time just incase your baby may have a sensitivity issue (I certainly hope not though). But, if you do get stockpiled on something that the baby cannot use you could always exchange it I would think.

I am a big believer in baths. My kids always had at least two a day - one when they woke and one before bed. If they had a messy feeding or got sweaty they would get another bath. I would not have survived without my bathtub, bathtub seat, towels and wash rags. I especially liked the wash rags that were puppets. They made bathtime extra fun when the kids hit about six month old.

Oh, one last thing....Baby Magic brand products smell SOOO GOOD!!!!

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Awesome, thank you all for your advice and help.

I am extremely hesitant to even try cloth diapers. I would probably be more willing to try them if everyone in my extended families didn't think it was "weird" and would protest them if they had to care for the child. Maybe I will get some and try them for a couple days. We'll have to see. I think hubby would be pretty pissed about it too, lol.

To the person who said they spent $40 a week on diapers...yikes! Where on earth did you buy them? At Costco you can get boxes of 300 of the name brand kind for $38. If my child goes through 300 diapers in a week I will shoot myself! lol I'm estimating my monthly diaper cost at about $60, worst case scenario (that allows for the child to go through 12 - 15 a day).

I totally agree about not buying clothes before the shower. I am having 4 showers (hubby's family, my family, church, and work) and I'm sure I'll get more clothes than I can handle. Everything that I'm purchasing for the baby is either used or bargain-hunted. I have a lot of money put away for stuff, but that doesn't mean that I intend on spending it all. Any that doesn't get spent will go into his savings account.

Keep the feedback and ideas coming. I really appreciate it. :)

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Like someone has already said - what you and your baby need/want are really personal decisions. I can remember having a list that long with my first - and it is okay because you have to figure out what you need that you are comfortable with. I found out that we could do with a whole lot less with each child. My two cents, though, because I cannot resist.

1) Changing table - find a dresser that is about waist high and get a curved changing pad. When you no longer need the changing station you will still have a useable piece of furniture. Not to mention it is really nice to have all supplies and multiple clothing within arm reach - especially when they spit up or pee all over what they are wearing.
2) Diaper Genie - I am in the 'hate' camp for these. I tried two different styles and disliked both. They were awkward & expensive. I'm glad I wasn't the one to spend money on them. A plastic grocery bag hanging from the changing area works great. I generally use one all day and take it out in the evening. Infant diapers generally do not smell or if they do the smell is gone quickly- even my formula feed baby. Once solid foods start - all bets are off and diapers are generally bagged and taken outside immediately.
3) Pack n Play - I find these highly useful. But we do travel a bit to see family. Also this time around it is serving as DS' full-time bed as his crib will not fit in our bedroom. I am also using the same one we got for my first child - so we have recouped the cost.
4) Bottles - since you are planning to breastfeed I would only buy the bare minimum of any type of bottle. Babies can be particular about the type of nipple they will take from and you may have to try a few different kinds. I had one child who would not take any bottle - period; one that only took the Avent type of nipple; and the last two disliked the Avent and liked the Walmart brand with the 'nubbies.'
5) Stroller - I may be in the minority but I found this to be one of the biggest PIAs. They are heavy to move around, when collapsed still take up too much space and when moving through crowds impossible. I only have an umbrella stroller for when they are older (and heavier). I use both sling and front pack carrier now. The sling is great for little infants who sleep a great deal and don't care to keep up with everything. I also find it quicker & easier to adjust around to different positions as the babies want. The front pack is easier on my back when I am going to be walking a great deal and baby wants to spend a lot of time seeing the world.
6) Clothing - It may seem like overkill but, having numerous onsies and sleepers for whatever size during the first 3-5 months is wonderful. They will spit up, pee, have blowouts and clothing will be changed alot. I love sleepers on my babies at that age - they are easy & warm for the baby. Ot - pet peeve infant outfits with snaps up the back, these are a pain and my baby doesn't like being flipped over all that much.
7) Diapers - For disposables - you may have to try a few brands until you find the one that works for you. My babies never tended to have chubby thighs and every time they wore Huggies & storebrand huggies they leaked because these tend to be cut more generous in the leg. Others I know had issues with the waist on Pampers.

Don't open packaging until you have to, don't remove tags, keep receipts. Places are generally really good about exchanging baby gear if you do wnd up with something that doesn't work for you.

Thrift Shops, Freecycle & consignment stores are wonderful places for finding most of what you need.

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To the person who said they spent $40 a week on diapers...yikes!
It's funny, I was thinking the same thing myself! I have two in diapers right now, and I spend about $60/mo total. Of course, I'm sure it would still be cheaper to have them in cloth diapers, but I couldn't hack it.

I'd give a big thumbs down to the Diaper Genie (just the memory of emptying the "stinky diaper sausage" brings tears to my eyes), changing table (a removable changing pad on a dresser is more versatile), and burp cloths (folded cloth diapers work better!).

Thumbs up for a sling (I've bought mine on ebay), washable cotton nursing pads, and a good quality nursing bra. Also, you might consider picking up some Lansinoh cream, which was a lifesaver to me for the first couple weeks of nursing.

I would agree with the previous posters' advice to wait and see what you need. You'd be surprised at how many gifts and hand-me-downs you'll receive, and it's impossible to tell how long the baby will be in any one size.

Sounds like you have things really well in hand!

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sounds like you are really organised!!!

I have never even heard of a wipe warmer? LOL, you mean you warm the wipes up before using them?

As others have said these things are totally personal

I think for the first as well you tend to get alot more stuff than you need

I am so jealous of baby showers - they are not done here so I had to get everything myself

I think someone else mentioned it but when you are stock piling diapers, dont go for all the small sizes - they grow out of them so quickly! I bought a load when I was expecting Ciara - unfortunatly I used hardly any of them as when she was born she was in preemie nappies and then she suddenly grew and completely skipped the size I had bought LOL

When I buy a friend anything for a newborn i buy loads of vests and sleepsuits ( onesies?), they always go down so well as really its all you keep baby in for ages especially if you are at home.

For this little one we already have ( from the other kids) Buggy and carseat, high chair, bouncer, travelcot that doubles as a play pen ( this was the handiest thing we had - used it loads) - actually I dont have that anymore because SIL broke it but I will definatly get a new one. we have to buy a cot as Jamie broke the bars on the last one, I dont go for specialised bedding

Good Luck!!

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I'm not a mom but I've done tons of babysitting and I have a niece and my friends have kids so I'm a really good 'aunt'. The previous posters have given a lot of good, sensible advice. Here's my 2-cents.

The baby/infant industry makes billions of dollars off unsuspecting parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. who purchase things because they're cute. I recently walked through the baby department in Walmart and was amazed and shocked at the stuff and the prices. A good deal of items were 'licensed' items, which meant you paid more for the item because it had a character affixed to it. What a rip-off!!! Like a baby cares whether it has a Winnie the Pooh on it's pjs or if it sleeps on Baby Bugs Bunny sheets!!! Does baby care if it has duckies or doggies on its butt (diapers)!!! Sure it's nice to 'spoil' but let's be real.

Buy the stuff (or request) what is a necessity. Have others buy you what's not necessity. You can always return the stuff you really don't like or need and use the refund money to replenish with necessities (now don't bum-rush me for that last comment -- I'm a retailer' nightmare -- ironic for an ex-retail worker who knows what a pain it is to do returns).

One thing I do remember from way back in my babysitting years is I remember the one woman had what I think was called a bunting. I don't even know if they still make them or not. It's an x-long nightgown type garment that came down over the baby's feet and had a drawstring closure. I thought it was way too weird, and old fashioned, especially since she had boys. But let me tell ya, it sure was easier at diaper change time, especially when the baby was asleep/half asleep. Was much easier to loosen drawstring, do the diaper duty, tuck the legs back in and pull the drawstring. Sure beat all those snaps on those onsies and sleepers.

Hope my 2-cents helps and have fun with that new baby when it gets here.

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I had umbrella strollers that I kept in the car, and we wore them out! They were so much easier to maneuver on non-paved areas, too, for trips to the zoo, nature walks, etc. Was also one less thing to load/unload in the car for trips.

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It's funny, I was thinking the same thing myself! I have two in diapers right now, and I spend about $60/mo total.
Same here, although they are older and go through fewer (but on the other hand there are more in the package for the smaller size so it probably evens out).

I have cloth, but with two it just got to be too much. My goal for next month is to get back to them.

I just wanted to mention one more thing about strollers. I personally find them essential, but you might not need it until the baby is older. With the last two, I used the bjorn for the first couple months and barely used the stroller. By about 6 months, I had them in an umbrella stroller. The big expensive stroller was a major pain and didn't fit in the car. But with my first child, I didn't have a car, walked miles every day over rough terrain and got a lot of use out of the heavy stroller. So, depending on the season and your activities, you may be able to skip the giant stroller and go right to the convenient (and inexpensive) little umbrella one. My oldest was in the umbrella stroller until she was almost five, so I definitely got my $10 out of it.
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