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Did not see this started for the new week so here goes:

~paid 2 bills online for the first time ever. Saving stamps and getting bonus points in my banks point program
~checked bank point program online and ordered a 25 gas card. WOO HOO
~received a rebate check in the mail for aleve
~tons of laundry to do today but will try to hang at least half of it on the line outside
~saving water to water my plants
~Need to unpack from business trip and do chores around the house today
~looking at sale ad and planning menu for the week.
~plan to make 2 meatloafs. One for this week and one for next when I have the DGD's for a week
~working on budget for vacation as well as week with DGD to ensure I have cash to cover everything..

Will post more later if I get anything else done!

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It's gonna be a hot, sunny day today here :sun:

Gripey had to run a pkg. of bacon back to the store that he bought last evening that smelled rancid when he opened it. They replaced it but he soooo didn't want to do that. I'm glad he did. :D

We've had a cooked breakfast already, cheap...eggs, toast, hash browns...Gripey cooked.
For the rest of the day it's gonna be cheap too.

~Staying home all day
~Eating at home all day
~No makeup today....too tired
~Drinking only water (normal anymore for me)
~Have done 2 loads of laundry, hm soap
~Will hang one load out to dry
~Frugal activities at home today....napping, lounging around the pool, etc..

Dd is coming home for the week so I'll be cooking more than usual. Need to menu plan a bit today.

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~no lights or tv on
~staying home all day
~laundry in cold, hanging to dry
~reading library book for enteretaiment
~meals from home

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ohhh, I haven't made it this far yet ---- I'll get back to you :D

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July 8th:

Today's purchases:

Store 1: Purchase Total $17.60 (saved $1.75)
~ 2 bottles Purex Laundry Soap, 3.78L
Reg. price $5.49
Sale price $4.99
2 coupons @ $0.50 off
Total = $4.49

~ 1 500g. pkg. Catelli pasta
Reg. price = $1.29
Sale price = $0.79
1 coupon @ $0.75 off
Total = $0.04 :fdance: (best deal of the day)

~ 2 small Turnips
0.77 kg. @ 1.52/kg = $1.17
~ 1 2L carton milk = $3.63 :shake:
~ 1 doz. large eggs = $2.38

Store 2: Purchase Total $6.14 (Saved $2.00)

~ Clear Waterproof Band-Aids :)smooch: buys a special kind for work)
Regular Price: $3.74
Sale Price: $2.94
1 Coupon @ $2.00 off
Total Cost = $0.94

~ Step-On Garbage Can = $10.97

Store Three: $2.84 (Saved $1.00)

~ 1 20 pk. Tampex Tampons
Reg. Price = $4.79
Sale Price = $2.77
1 coupon @ $1.00 off
Total = $1.77

Store Four: Purchase Total $3.70 (Saved $2.00)

~ 2 Arm & Hammer Deoderant
Reg. Price = $2.79
Sale Price = 2 for $5.00
2 coupons @ $1.00 off
Cost = $3.00

Store Five: Total Purchase $12.52

~ 3 pkg. lean ground beef @ $1.88/lb = $9.21
~ 3 sweet potatoes @ $3.28/kg = $3.31

Grocery Total = $19.74
Misc. Total = $16.66

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Today we are having a no spend day.
A/C set for 85
Started saving bottles and cans for recycle
Washed the clothes with cold water
Eating at home and not driving anywhere.

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Sunday, July 8th...

*Swimming in the pool for entertainment
*No meals out (including no coffee or muffins at church or eating out lunch afterwards, as we are in the habit of doing!!)
*Did laundry using less detergent and fabric softener than the bottle calls for
*Cashed out for a $10 Amazon GC on a survey site
*Bagged up clothes to be donated, and wrote down a list of what they are in case we have enough to itemize for taxes this year
*DH made a large batch of chili for dinner, will have tons of leftovers and maybe we'll freeze some
*Froze some cut-up onions and peppers DH had leftover from making the chili
*Went to BJ's and only spent $86 (I was figuring $100). We did very well with sticking to the list - two blocks of cheese were the only impulse buy (and we almost always buy them anyway, they just weren't on the list).
*Using cloth menstrual pads

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Finishing up for the day:

~Used a pack of blueberries from the freezer and a couple fresh peaches to make a fruit cobbler for dessert.
~DH grilled chicken for dinner and we had grilled zucchini, sugar snap peas, cucumber, onion and tomatoe salad from the garden. YUMMY
~used sample fabric softner for 2 loads instead of the 1 recommended. Worked just fine
~Make ice tea for tomorrow and have it chilling in the fridge.
~refilled water bottle with ice tea also
~Cut coupons from today's paper
~cooked carrots for tomorrow's lunch that were getting a bit on the old side
~cloth napkins and cleaned with rags= no paper products used
~took my cloth bags to the grocery plastic today!
~refilled a millk jug with water to put in freezer...more efficient
~washed out and reused zip lock bags

tomorrow I need to try and freeze some beans from the garden after work

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So far today:
~a/c on 82 degrees
~no lights on
~no tv on
~using leftover yarn, to make a throw rug
~lounging by the pool, staying home all day
~no spend day
~all meals will be from home

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Dh and I did eat out, but this is our 1 time for this week. I went to Kroger to stock up on Pepsi products while they where still on sale as well as Tide and Downy. I will not have to buy laundry supplies for about 2 months or so.

Kept the A/C at's been in the near 90's with high humidity here!

Did 2 loads of laundry.


All meals at home..brought lunch from home to work
A/C on 74
Staying home tonight after work

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Watched free movies from video store.
Picked up toaster oven someone had on freecycle
Did grab lunch on way home, but ate chips and drink here.
Stayed in played games..was way too hot w heat index about 100!
Had air set to 80 all day/off at night (got to 83 in here by morning)


Returning movies/books on way to gymnastics.
Stopping at Hostess for bread (have $1 off coupon! can get 3 loaves of bread!!)
Making food on grill for dinner.
Air been on 80 all day.
Ordered some free samples/coupons
Mailed some coupons that someone bought from me ( paid in stamps!)

Rest of week:
TRY not to eat out.
No trips anywhere until Friday bball practice and grocery shopping
no laundry
no Air after Wednesday. Will be 77 out!

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no lights on until 9pm
washed afgan in cold waster & hung it out to dry
washing quilt in cold & hanging it out to dry
making sun tea
doors & windows opened
fan is on low

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Not a frugal day...
~dog to vet. 389.94 dollar bill
~Eating leftovers for supper
~HM ice tea to drink and also water
~Stopped at library and borrowed 2 books. Also bought 4 childrens books from them for DGD
~no laundry being done full loads
~saving water for my plants as normal
~Stopped at dollar general to buy loose face powder. Cover girl was 5.00 off brand was 1.50. I got both and blended the shades together. Matches my skin tone and spent less than I would for usual brand.
~bought box of ice pops. Got home and notices refund on the box. Sent it out right away so I dont forget
~going now to begin to sort out pantry. Its a mess and I dont even know what the heck I have in there....then will make grocery list for items needed for next week when I have DGD for our visit. Will not be cheap but at least will not duplicate what I already own

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- got 6 pounds of ground beef on sale and came home and made 3 meatloafs (1 for dinner the others for the freezer) and 2 suppers of porcupine scramble
- hung a load of laundry
- stuck to my list at the grocery store and combined it with other errands
- picked up my fliers for the month and I am doing double what I had been doing - that means double the money!
- AC on this afternoon but set at 78
- dinner totally from scratch with lettuce from our garden for salads

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Grocery store:
10 boxes Pasta
10 lbs Rice
1 lb cube steak
1 lb flank steak
1 can diced tomato
1 can veg stock
2 pkgs knorr rice sides
1 gal milk
1 gal ammonia
1 24 oz bottle vinegar
1/8 watermelon
pkg grapes
3 pears
sm bag cherries (about 1/8 lb)
1 Lowry's marinade
1 box popcorn
1 box eggo waffles
2 corn muffin mixes

Total= $28.19

I was so darn proud of myself walking out of there. AND I only used 2 coupons!

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Seems like everyone is having a good week...

We are pinching pennies for a bunch of expenses coming up. We have $250 to live on for a week for gas, groceries, and misc. So far we have only spent $40!

Various things over the last few days...
No spend days Sat, Sunday, and Monday (bought business cards today online so blew that (did get them free from vista but had to pay shipping)

Rented movies with a gift card DH had recieved from hosting a conference...actually even got another free movie out of the deal

Made french bread and blueberry coffee cake from scratch...the coffee cake was eaten for breakfast for 3 days.

No eating out...which is a record for us!! Trying to make it through the whole week.

Made envelopes for all sinking fund expenses and will add to them this week based on wahtever I don't spend out of the weekly budget.

Leftovers for lunches and some for dinner from cookout (they are all used up now tho)

Preparing for a yard sale this weekend

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Not very frugal, dd and I went to the mall. Got most of the stuff on clearance though. Did get her a few school supplies.

~lights off
~a/c on 80
~laundry hanging to dry

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Tuesday, July 10th...

*Deposited survey money at the bank
*Used a coupon at Subway for b1g1f sandwich - ate one today, saved the other for lunch tomorrow
*Got some perfume samples in the mail to test
*Got coupons in the mail - a free 20oz coke and some Huggies/Kotex ones
*Took a bubble bath to unwind, using HBA's I already had
*Dinner was hot dogs and beans - pretty cheap for us.

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~used 1/2 sample of mint and thyme shampoo as bubble bath. Other half in my hair.
~used 1/2 sample mint and thyme conditioner as shaving lotion
~used sample body lotion also
~dinner was beef kabobs on grill, green beans from the garden, cucumber and tomatoe from garden, little bit of carrots that needed cooked, noodles and watermelon. Plenty for all and enough for lunches tomorrow as well
~made a meatloaf for the freezer for next week when DGD are here
~washed a full load of towels and will hang on the line in the AM
~saved water from tub for watering plants tomorrow
~picked more cucumber and zucchini from garden
~picked lavendar from my flower bed, bundled it using old twist ties and put it up to dry. Will try to use as room freshener or in bath bag
~made note of what is in my now clean pantry and found food items that I had forgotten I had!
~trying to think of a way to use old pair of denim capris that I have broken the zipper in.
~painted a childs wicker rocking chair white. Plan to use to display a doll in my room with. Chair was a freebie from my DSIS who was gonna trash it
~DH painted back deck and around wood portion of hot tub enclosure using deck stain we had from last year
~DH fixed ceiling fan light in my room. Nice to be able to use it and turn the light on at the same time! LOL

Will have to work late tomorrow but am hoping to do some cleaning in the evening hours and develop a menu for next week.
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