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frugal day update

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it turns out its cheaper for me to pay the (44.00)ticket. im not happy. i sent a email complaint to my state department of motorvehiles. i dont know what this will do but i let them know that i stopped patrinizing business that i used for 10+years.

my huntch was right..this is a fundrasing thing..i talked to others in line and some had even been told that..on guy had a ticket for 100.00 dollars.

so i asked them if they had gotten other complaints and if i could avoid sending money to that town instead send it to the state.I'll
let u guys know what type of reply i get.

im just so annoyed..these public officals dont care at all. i asked if i could have it dismissed and was told i would be charged $20.00 if took it to court.He recommended i just pay it.
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If I felt I was innocent I would go to court..... It's no secret that police depts. step up ticketing to generate more revenues.... I don't think it is unconstitutional or unlawful as long as the tickets they hand out are legitimate......
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